Thursday , August 11 2022

‘Jetpack Man’ back in the sky?

An unidentified person reportedly flying with a jetpack was again spotted high above Los Angeles. ABC News’ Derricke Dennis has more.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. L1,L2,R1,R2

  2. 0:38 is literally just a jack skellington balloon lmao

  3. At second 46, that is not a real person. It's too thin. Nothing but sticks…

  4. Guy did this a couple years ago at a sandbar by my house. Pretty crazy. Except he stood on the pack like the green goblin, he’s currently working with the US Military

  5. We will know who this is … eventually..

  6. Beta test of iron man.

  7. Balloons and R/C manikins are not people with jetpacks

  8. Explain this : Last year I was on a flight to hunt dolphin riding chipmunks and I saw a donkey shaped Cube fly out of a cats anus. I knew where to file my claim because my elf told me where the unicorn hides his rainbow sardines

  9. There is a legit jetpack man doing this for years and has not been caught what a legend

  10. What if the jet packer gets sucked into the engine?

  11. Ok, which one of you is it 😒 fess up

  12. That's Mysterio. Looked like we need to call Spiderman

  13. So, either someone has a really convincing drone, or someone actually has a jetpack and they have no regards for FAA regulations, their safety and the safety of others and is doing reckless things. Got it.

    Don't see this everyday.

  14. It’s CJ from GTA San Andreas 😂

  15. They hate him because they ain’t him 😂