Sunday , December 5 2021
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Jill Biden Receives The White House Christmas Tree

First lady Jill Biden received the official White House Christmas tree and wished those in the military and their families a happy Thanksgiving.
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  1. They seem to be all about climate and the environment, but they don't care about hacking down a huge tree.

  2. As the White House and Billionaires receive Christmas trees, Happy Thanksgiving! May God protect you all from the miscarriage of justice and Defamation by the media. May you survive the Inflation and I pray you can afford the fuel for wherever your family may be. Be SAFE and PEACE to all. Sending LOVE to all Americans. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Lol. Had to hide the dislikes. They may want consider hiding the likes also. We can do the math. Morons

  4. See how she awkwardly stood there to take pics with people wearing masks. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  5. I notice they didn’t say the 1st lady Jill Biden, if they wanted to be more accurate they could have said Joe Biden’s baby sitter who helped him murder his 1st wife….. o ya happy b day nimrod.

  6. Now that is a classy presidential clip. Despite the state of propaganda in this country and its' resultant behaviors in the comments here, I just loved this video.

  7. Omar and Tlaib are not going to approve of this Christmas tree, Joe will be in trouble now!

  8. “Happy Easter!”
    -Joe Biden

  9. But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

  10. The Enabler needs to be held accountable! She is 100% knows Joe has dementia!

  11. I love this time of year – so lovely & charming. 🙏🏻

  12. JEHOVAH THE SANTA CLAUS: Gentleman and Ladies, Boys and Scouts. We are the Royal Good Morning Family, please enjoy a Global Hit in the Head every Day over Adoption. Forever.

  13. Pretend first lady. The real first lady is still Melania Trump.

  14. beautiful first lady, can't wait to see how she designs the house for Christmas!

  15. Biden fly's off to have Thanksgiving with his rich Buddy – 2019 Trump was in Bagham Afghanistan serving meals to the Troops – and every Thanksgiving Trump made sure he was on a video call with all the troops – around the world, where is Biden, hiding with his rich buddy, making sure he informs the rich of the largest tax cut they are passing along in the Build Back Better plan – they are raising the cap on Deducting State and Federal income (SALT) the largest break for the Wealthy in some time, larger than what Trump did for the Corporate Tax rate – so where is Biden / with his Rich folks, don't worry – your gas cost to fill your car up is up 100% / take a bike, walk – food cost up 25% – you can just cut back per Jen at the White House presser, cut back and understand you have more disposable income…also make sure you get your shot, get your booster, and carry your papers, ware your mask – don't worry about the Illegals / 2-3 million that have been brought into the US Illegally – sent to every state with covid, no vaccines given, given credit cards, housing, medical care all on your dime "Sheep" walk up – stop this, NO MORE SPENDING, NO BBB, NO MORE GIVEAWAYS, NO MORE MONEY GOING TO NON-US CITIZENS, STOPE INFLATION, BRING BACK ENERGY INDEPENDENCE, HELP US CITIZENS……VOTE 2022 SWEEP THE HOUSE, 2024 TRUMP COMES BACK WINS FOR THE 3RD TIME….

  16. Fake news again.. lol… Do your research.

  17. I like the 184 likes, shows how unpopular and fake fiden is.❤️

  18. “If the tree is big enough, they won’t see the inflation.”

  19. I like the 193 dislikes❤️

  20. Hope the tree falls on this depraved family

  21. 77% of Americans now say inflation is personally affecting them – and 57% blame Biden

    Source: Yahoo News/YouGov poll

  22. Haha! She comes out alone. Trump and his wife came out together. This administration is so not classy!

  23. A donation from the MSM for proposed Govt media handouts?

  24. Should gotten a fake tree to match the fake president

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