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Jim Jordan blasts Schiff's speech: The American people aren't buying it

U.S. Representative Jim Jordan gives speaks about the media’s adoration of Adam Schiff and the impeachment process. #FoxBusiness

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  1. I can tell by the amount of comments how many people are watching the dems circus.

  2. Well, they succeeded in impeaching him, now, didn't they?

  3. Why are these two clowns chuckling and chortling?

  4. Fox News viewers are developmentally challenged.

  5. Schiff ALWAYS WALKS AHEAD of Nadler. I feel sorry for both of these guys. Their fate is destroyed in this life and the next

  6. anyone who trusts fox propaganda is too stupid to see the reality of this situation, republicans are gone. most people want him gone, fox viewers are the minority, sure ratings are high because theres only one news channel spewing this garbage to this minority cult, add up all the other channels saying the opposite to fox and the ratings are 10x fox's.

  7. You losers lost by 3 million votes. Participation trophy electoral college bitches
    Get rid of the electoral college. Tired of people who lose elections governing.

  8. When is the media going to be held responsible? My local news plays loud audio over President Trump when he speaks,they do not report on the great things he has done,they give the democratic activist all of the air time while calling any Trump supporter a white supremacist,they race bait constantly!

  9. Waste of taxpayers money. Such a shame the Dems are acting like preschoolers

  10. Who is the guy from MSNBC? Looks like a Vindman? Rofl

  11. Adam Schiff acts like a 5th grade girl who didn't make the cheerleading team. Constantly degrading everybody else

  12. It didn’t bother Adam Schiff when Hillary Clinton cheated Bernie Sanders out of the democratic nomination in 2016.

  13. So funny to listen to the fools from the lame stream media and how be-dazzled they've been by the lying schiff, such a low IQ crew of class A simpleton NITWITS!

  14. How incredibly stupid the people are who run these kinds of shows. 🙁 Don't they understand. I don't know the numbers. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that an awful lot of people in this country long ago. Got rid of cable TV, or their antennas, and have "cut the cord" so when you sit behind your desk, and profess to know if people are actually watching this tragedy or not, I have no idea how you are coming up with these useless statistics.
    you can only lie like the Democrats and make stuff up, like the Democrats.
    There's no television in my house. I really don't know anyone who has cable TV anymore, so you can monitor what were watching. The only videos being watched are like YouTube. Here, and occasionally a view of Netflix. So if all you brilliant media geniuses are going to go about declaring that you know that no one's watching the impeachment process, I'm gonna say you're full of shff. Because you have no way of knowing who's watching the impeachment by way of the Internet.

    Nielsen methodology, Longo died.

    Some years ago the FCC stole away the bandwidth for broadcast TV, and also stole away anyone's ability to monitor the viewing habits of the American people. At least pretend to know what the hell you're talking about. smh

  15. Why isn't Congress doing something about Schiff lies???

  16. JORDAN 📢📢📢📢📢📢📢 you idiot

  17. It is sad, just really sad. Adam Schiff has such long speeches just because he likes to hear himself ramble on and on. Nobody else wants to hear what he has to say because once was unbearable so everyone else just tunes him out. Someone should lock him inside of a 3'×3' closet and let him go at it. If he feels lonely in that closet give him a mirrorso he can have himself an audience. If that doesn't please his sorry excuse of a man give him another mirror. That way he will have a massive audience of Schitt's mimicking his every word while the rest of America can live in bliss not having to listen to blubbering rhetoric.

  18. You're witnessing what happens when real power is threatened. People who have power with no soul, no dignity, no honesty. Trump should give these people HELL, long after this is over with. I'd never let these parasites forget. Democrats are no more American than Saddam Hussein was.

  19. The Dems arguement are weak and sad

  20. Great job in telling it like it is. We would vote for you as President.

  21. Jim Jordan will regret supporting a criminal president and White House.

  22. If pencil neck knew how stupid he sounded he'd shut the hell up. The American people are not dumb.

  23. Have a good day to all Americans!

  24. President Donald Trump is Kryptonite for the Democrats. Can’t you see them shrinking?

  25. Jordan acting smug as usual and adding nothing of any intelligence or consequence to the conversation. What a waste of a person.


  27. Trump 2020 by landslide. House will be Majority Republican

  28. Jacket off jim jorda. And this other clown scared as hell

  29. Schiff was amazing. Yes they were buying it. Fox is laughable

  30. Let THIS Schiff – his name in German means "ship" – shortly sink! And with him all co-liers! GOD bless America!


  32. you better hope so am seeing many people fall for Adam schiffs traveling Impeachment show

  33. I nominate Adam Schiff for the 2020 Actors Guild Drama Queen Award.

  34. they are trying to say that the president will cheat on 2020 so that when he wins they can say that he cheated

  35. They try to impeach again they should be tried for Treason.

  36. Republicans … take back the House of Representatives. For sure!

  37. POTUS obstruction of Congress = Impeachment
    US Citizen obstruction of Congress = Treason/Federal Prison


  39. What an idiot Jordan is and what a joke the REPUBLICAN party has become.

  40. Alright. What if we didn't cheat. What if we really just elected this President. Where does that put Republicans now.


  42. Task Force ? You mean the USS Enterprise battle group ? That task force ?

  43. If Dems ever get control of the house and Senate they will impeach the president and the vice president and they will have their speaker be president 👎😝

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