Thursday , September 16 2021
Home / News / Jim Jordan slams Biden's first six months in office: 'a terrible start'

Jim Jordan slams Biden's first six months in office: 'a terrible start'

Congressman Jim Jordan joins ‘Kudlow’ to discuss Democrats’ policy mistakes: ‘this is probably the worst six month start to a presidency’ #Kudlow #FoxBusiness

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  1. Republican Jim Jordan covered for disgraced school doctor Richard Strauss's sexual abuse of more than 175 male OSU students. Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert sexually abused male student-wrestlers and is still in jail for it.
    What's with the male republican congressmen and their Catholic priest-like fascination with boys? WTF?

  2. Witchy poo needs to go. Just get on your 🧹 and fly the f away. Crazy POS

  3. I will not stop to thanks Dr.maduka for curing my stepmother from fibroid

  4. You're leaving out his promotion of CRT?
    They took Jim Crow laws, switched the races, and gave us… Jim Crow laws.

  5. Why doesn’t somebody go after Lugosi?

  6. Four legs good, two legs bad…
    Snowballs the one who destroyed
    the windmill and sabotaged our harvest…
    Napoleon is our great leader and friend to all animals alike..
    When anything goes wrong it is never his fault, instead blame snowball,he is the one that causes your dispair…
    Mean while under Napoleon everything is better..Have you not seen Squealers list of achievements?
    Everything is better under Napoleon…

  7. We the people want Mr. Donald Trump back………………..

  8. Without investments, how do you think the rich would have existed?

  9. The former Cleveland Indians should have gone to the American Indian people and asked them if the name Indians was good or not. I'm convinced the Lefts ultimate goal is to divide and dictate to all of us.

  10. How do they get to still take taxes when IRS IS CLOSED.

  11. She's insane, put her away and get same test as Biden. She's dangerous.

  12. She's afraid of Jim
    He's strong and ask questions. Don't question Pelosi Democrats need to let go of Jan 6.

  13. The right just needs to take some of these institutions by a legislative bullet at this point, no one political party needs as much power as the dems

  14. Well they do get away with it so can't totally blame them…

  15. Biden demented running our country into the ground – no other country respects him at all. IMPEACH BIDEN – WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!! BIDEN'S NOT FOR ALL AMERICANS – JUST THE FEW HE PICKED OUT. WHAT A SICK FKG MAN. WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!


  17. Democrats have the opposite of the Midas touch, everything they touch turn to sh*t. Look at their cities and states. Here's a couple of great examples. Google how much the state of Illinois is in debt. Then look on YouTube at the multitude of vids showing how shitty parts of Cali have become. That's called the Democrat touch.


  19. The Fox clown show and their top clowns Trump, Jordan, and all the brainwashed religious dopes who support them. How friggin stupid do you have to be to believe you have an invisible friend who lives in the sky and watches everything you do?

  20. Inflation will be down because for the democrats up is the new down or you're racist.

  21. The rioting is tactical training. Antifa and others are seasoned fighters now. Trained, funded and directed by outside actors.

  22. The left has all this planned out. Protected by thier media and the czars that obama (sotero) installed.

  23. Jim Jordan would be great in the white house!

  24. Rep Jordan is a great man. Always held honor and morality on high as should be.

  25. Amen brother 🙏 keep fighting crt and socialism

  26. I think every GOP in the Senate does see it ….. So do the voters .. and a growing number of traditionally Dem voters …. I think the mid terms will be a landslide at this rate , unless they open up the Cemetery's.

  27. What are the guardians guarding? the water cooler?

  28. The second Kudrow says he won't talk about Cheney, lost my viewership. HE is part of the problem as well.

  29. Cleveland Cows. Leave a team name in comment section

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