Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Jimmy Carter hospitalized after falling at home | ABC News

The former U.S. president was admitted to a Georgia hospital for “observation and treatment of a minor pelvic fracture,” the Carter Center tweeted. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/35Wzkri

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  1. I have seen few of his interviews such a good and kind hearted president who does his contribution for the soceity at this age prayers for speedy recovery

  2. Take good care Pres Carter, you inspire so many.#solidChristian

  3. Speedy recovery for a great person. ♥️

  4. Much love to PRESIDENT Carter.

  5. He has a tranny wife and kids, just like all other presidents.

  6. Proud deplorables wishing ill on one who prays for help for their proudly predatory leader.

  7. As different a man as it is possible to be, from the current occupant of the WH. Much love, respect and honor for him. May this break be a minor one, as they say, and may he be soon back at sharing ἀγάπη (agape).

  8. You'd think if that SOB was going to fall he could AT LEAST fall off of a HIGH cliff! 🇺🇸

  9. And when he recovers from this, he will go back to building houses🔨 Get well soon, Jimmy 😇

  10. God's speed, Mr. President. 👍

  11. Prayers for the few decent presidents the USA have ever had.

  12. God bless this lovely quiet man, who truly cares about people, and never stops doing good for the world.
    Praying for a quick recovery.

  13. A speedy recovery and blessings 🌹❤🌷🌻🦋

  14. Bless his heart. Two falls in two weeks is a lot for an elderly person to handle, especially when a pelvic fracture occurs. I see there are a lot of mentally ill people here celebrating.😒

  15. Worst president in my life time he became a joke and lost 2nd term bad, same should of had to Obama. Look where we are now years behind. Thank God 4 TRUMP still I wish him well

  16. I am a conservative, trump voter and Trump supporter and yet I am disgusted by the negative comments about President Carter. Politically I don’t agree with what he stands for. All his stuff with Habitat for Humanity… I would like to see one of you naysayers get involved like he did! I wish President Carter and his family the best!

  17. Jim boy, after you get well looks like you are gonna have to finally accept some help..Speedy recover there trooper,,you are the best of men and our currentp

  18. Sad to say, but when an elderly person starts having multiple falls in rapid succession like this, the end is usually very near. But I have no doubt President Carter will be back building homes tomorrow, because he's a true American, and he'll go out swingin'.

  19. Don’t tell me let me guess……..Trump pushed him !
    Am I right fake stream news ?😄

  20. Speedy recovery! How about a speedy death! He was a rotten President! He gave away half the country while he was in office. His Dip$hit Diplomatic relations with other countries was basically paying them Taxpayers money! Sort of like the TREASONOUS TRAITOR Obama! Only Obimbo gave them weapons as well! The Bush's and Criminal Clinton's also pushed for a Nude Weirdo Odor! All of them deserve a necktie party at the proverbial LIBERTY Tree!! 💀🐀🔫👿👎

  21. Didn't he just take a fall? At his age you dont fall and break your pelvis. Your pelvis breaks and you fall. Slow down Jimmy, enjoy your twilight!

  22. I respectfully, gave y'all a thumbs down, because I have respect for Jimmy, but you are fake news !

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