Saturday , July 24 2021
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Jimmy Lai on Hong Kong protests: the resistance will go on

Next Digital founder Jimmy Lai explains what’s at stake in the Hong Kong protests.

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  1. I hope Trump keeps the pressure on the CCP .
    Live Free or Die Hong Kong .

  2. Hopefully you will live free. We in America had to die in order to be free. There are a lot more of you guys and gals than the officials. They too may want to be free. Negotiate and demand, push,push,push. Never give up is how you win.

  3. Jimmy such a difficult topic and you are explaining it in your second language. I take my hat off to you Sir.Sorry, you probably speak Pudonghua as well .

  4. He's hiding somewhere, while the young people shed blood.

  5. interview joe Biden, and ask him what he thinks about Trump. or interview NWS ask them what they think about NOAA's statement for Trump.

  6. The Chinese government wanted to pass an extradition law that would allow for criminals who committed severe crimes ..e.g..murder, in Taiwan then fled to Hong Kong to be extradited to and tried in Taiwan if caught. (Mainland China is recognized as the sovereign ruler of Taiwan & Hong Kong by thr UN) protesters didn't want that,so China and Taiwan acquiesced to there demands and stopped the proposal. The protesters still continued to rage in the streets(seeking police to assault). The Hong Kong government then told the protesters that they were open for a diplomatic solution and wpuld act on whatever was decided by both parties. The protesters refused and continued there violent protests. All the while the leaders of these protests were meeting up with American diplomats,with one of the leaders being affiliated with the National Endowment for Democracy( a NGO funded by the CIA and known to sponsor regime change protests around the globe). So why is it far fetched for the Chinese to state that America is interfering with their affairs? These protesters broke down the doors of there parliament and raised a British flag( a former colonial master) inside,something that would not have been tolerated by authorities in any western country.The protesters also tied up a reporter they mistook for a police officer and beat him to a pulp. Imagine having protesters in the west behaving this way whilst raising a Chinese or Russian flag, pleading with the aforementioned government to intervene!?.

  7. How to short China ? Really want to.. it’s coming …. all the deceptive GDP numbers, unemployment numbers…think about it..
    The so called second biggest economy won’t let you exchange foreign currency freely.. won’t put “freedom “ in their dictionary..
    they are afraid..

  8. They are burning down Hong Kong based on feelings? No facts? Is unemployment China's fault or HK's fault of not being able to catch up?

  9. mr lai, ill buy you a bottle of moutai jiu and two boxes of zhenjian bao if you admit that only 20 percent of us citizens vote and that us is a republic, not a democracy.

  10. Jimmy, how much did you bet on shorting the HK index, LOL, im guessing your mad not because your economics loss. Because you are so rich and virtuous.

  11. It is unfortunate that fair and truthful journalism has failed. Many media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Google are politically influenced and at many times do these thru manipulative filtering, video editing, coverage and comments. Almost anything about China gets filtered and criticised. What a shame.

  12. you are the trouble Mr Lai.

  13. Scince before 1979. The world wondered and, knew what would happen to China after 1997. It would be absorbed by China by 2047. Chinas' "theft" of our goods, sevices and Intel thoughly embraced by Hong Kong citizens to this Day are more apart of the problem than the solution. However, thus does not interpose a higher class of Human on my part scince in my culture we dont understand the concept of a simple wall to keep culture and prosperity alive.

  14. China is the best and biggest Short now.

  15. free hongkong.hongkonger and taiwanese rising against communist china, dictator xi.🌴we hope one day more chinese in mainland would wave USA flag that means freedom

  16. Fox news lives on fake news. It makes money from suckers and theres plenty suckers in USA.

  17. Only crooks are afraid of surveillance. I bet he is…

  18. Jimmy lies ……………………!!!!

  19. Jimmy Lai is a western puppet and traitor. Fox should stop biased and fake news propaganda. Hong Kong police are too nice to those rioters who vandalized public property and attacked innocent people with different opinions.

  20. Jimmy Lai has no rule of law when it comes to reporting…see his news daily…now he talks about rule of law for HK…he is afraid China will extradite him…a traitor to China and Hong Kong….

  21. This guy has no point to present. Many said he is working with NED for the Hong Kong movement. If you don't like the way China rules its country and eventually Hong Kong, which is part of China, then get out of Hong Kong and find a place to create your own utopia. Ruining Hong Kong is not the solution. There are many more millions of Hong Kong people do not agree with you.

  22. Maria Buttafuckamo is horrible. Listen to that screeching voice. She needs to retire. That being said Americans have their own problems with censorship and plutocracy. Yes we need a revolution in China to overthrow CCP and we need a revolution in USA to overthrow ZOG.

  23. china is 35 years too late to do a 1984 remake


  25. Guys let's take this time to appreciate our freedom and our country, no we are not perfect, nobody is. But America is really the best country in the world.

  26. Look at all the no profile picture broken English Chinese bots in the comments. Don't fall for the psychological operations

  27. haha Yes yes yes, Jimmy Lai is the most important figure in HK, he is even bigger than President Xi in foreign relations. He is at the same level as Trump, as everyone knows in the world, the west is for Trump and the east is for Lai!!! I cannot believe fox news able to interview Lai as he is very very VIP. Many many say even Trump must obey to Jimmy Lai's order.

  28. After months of commie police's ridiculous inhumane brutality and cruelty on the young protesters, there's no turning back. ALL HKERS are supporting this Movement!!

  29. Hahaha…he is so worry about face recognition. Very hard for him to do business in China.

  30. China is paying a lot of people to post comments, don’t bother by them. This guy is speaking for Hong Kong.

  31. This is liar, he slandering and twist facts. He was the bad guy with plant want to be new HK leader because he is running out of time ! Getting old and no more hope if Xi Jinping still a leader of China.

  32. Republic of Hong Kong!
    Down with the Chinese Communist Party mafia!
    as soon as hong kong becomes independent, mainland china will collapse
    boycott made in china products

  33. hongkong protester r considered very nice compare to us during the '70s, we got 2 pieces of 3 inches nails bent 90° tie together with rubber band, thrown at them, or the open space, left on the road, the police can't charge us, no cop cars, no water canon, but no man's land between, better than fire barricades,

  34. this media look more like a porn star!

  35. Lmao he got airpods🤡😂

  36. The people of Hong Kong need to stop the disgraceful protests . Asian culture is much different than western and the people are not as forgiving . Hong Kong is using the US as a shield now and taunting Beijing . These protesters are now being looked at by others in Hong Kong and causing a divide is not the best idea .

  37. hope hong kong protesting will spread to america, america society is so unfair, they discriminate all non-white, america needs more black presidents or asian presidents.

  38. Be careful of what you wish for . Better know whom you are dealing with . One of the biggest power in the world. And you think the western will come and die for you . Lollll

  39. Y is this guy not in the jail.. Why whyyyy???? Give me a gun I will shoot this ashole in the head and go to jail.

  40. Britain : No dogs or Chinese allowed
    Jimmy lai : slurrrrrrrp slurrrrrrrp slurrrrrrrp slurrrrrrrp slurrrrrrrp

  41. Entire HK population, 7 millions must take on streets every weekend to fight for the freedom and democracy.. Xi Jingpin is the evil, he treated peoples as animals. It is much better to fight and die for freedom than lives as slaves under the communist China. People are supposedly born free, not born slavery.

  42. The traitor will be feted for burning his own house. And what mentally enslaved ethics he is talking of..

  43. The whole truth is people in China is happy with the present government. The progress that they have made within 30 years is amazing both in economy and technology.

    It is the first time in the world that China can lift 850 millions dirt poor Chinese to become Middle Class within 30 years.

    And the country is loaded with the young scientist, engineer, IT experts and on and on.
    Over 100,000 graduates from these fields each year.
    China is not the same country that we knew.
    So, please be realistic and accept the change, either for good or for worst, it will depends on each country’s goal.

  44. Jimmy Lai owns Apple Daily which is essentially FOX in Hong Kong.

  45. Arrest this terrorist and send him to Guantanamo bay where he belongs. He is the chinese Bin Laden.

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