Saturday , November 28 2020
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JLO, Shakira to perform at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show

International superstars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will peform during the NFL halftime performance for Super Bowl LIV.

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  1. Love the way YouTube now filters any negative videos on. All videos are loving JLo, meanwhile people just turn off half time.

  2. Jennifer Lopez is old and played out she needs to go retire somewhere Shakira now she's a legend

  3. Hopefully ICE will be standing by.

  4. These long halftime shows are absurd, and the NFL has degenerated into Left Wing virtue signals.

  5. Could care less about either of these tramps.

  6. So NFL has the privilege to have shakira.
    She has done even bigger events in 2006 , 2010, and 2014 at the FIFA World Cup. This will be like a small community local American show for her.

  7. Foook capernik and FOOOOK shaqira

  8. Next year they should have a drag queen show..good job nfl you're all so accepting and open minded

  9. I'd rather have Trump give a campaign rally at half time. It will greatly increase number of people who watch it on TV. A win win for all.

  10. How about J.Lopez x Shakira x Mamamoo?!

  11. All the lgbt community will be watching and going for jlo lol

  12. Should be an interestingly satanic performance.

  13. Shakira knows this is not a football game but some poorly invented rugby game?

  14. And another year of skipping the halftime show… good thing it's about the game.

  15. Well she can sing…no, wait…well, she can shake her 50-year-old butt and lip sinc 😩

  16. Anaconda per forms.
    Takila per forms.

    They perform for what strength of people? Both perform together? Or it's separate performance?

    It's a crowd drawing and fund raising event where balls are kicked and hold in hands to touch down. Lopez-Shakira perform on how many yard's run with the ball?They will be given ball on the field or they carry their own balls?


  17. Ewwww two skanks in one night!!! The whole stage will smell like Burritos and Mofonggo!

  18. Cool! Was wondering who I wouldn't be watching.

  19. Its gonna be Huge 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Shakira Yes….but seriously J LOL? JLo will probably break a hip trying to keep up with young gorgeous Shakira

  21. WTF!!! What the hell!!!!! NFL don't have money????

  22. YESSS! Cant wait for these 2 girls to shut everyone else up! 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Two LEGENDARY performers finally take that stage! WIN!

  24. Good marketing!… Next year whole world will be watching that shitty american football Just because shakira and jlo will performance together! . Shakira has already 3 soccer world cup participation!.

  25. Ha ha ha ha, How many ignorants & envious haters here, well, do not see the show & go fishing ha ha. Go JLO & Shakira, Latina POWER!!!!

  26. Oh good thanks for the warning. Another SB halftime show i make sure I don’t watch.

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