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Joe Biden confident he will win presidency

Biden said his two main priorities when he becomes president are gaining control of the pandemic and fixing the economy, and he wants to bring the country together as a nation.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Only thing you will get is a one way trip to Gitmo pos

  2. Can't wait for President Harris to send those $2000 a month payments she and Sanders thought every man, woman and child deserved back in May.
    Thanks demolitioncrats. 😎


  4. Question. Did this air as a special report on the east coast following the ABC 2 hour 20/20 special at 8pm on November 6? Also, was it within the west coast air of the 20/20 special that night?

  5. ┏━━┓┏━━┓┏━━┓┏━━┓ ┗━┓┃┃┏┓┃┗━┓┃┃┏┓┃ ┏━┛┃┃┃┃┃┏━┛┃┃┃┃┃
    ❤️🤍💙🇺🇲 🅘 🅒🅐🅝'🅣 🅥🅞🅣🅔 ┃┗━┓┃┗┛┃┃┗━┓┃┗┛┃ ┗━━┛┗━━┛┗━━┛┗━━┛

  6. Pedophilia? is it Legal? Lets ask the President.

  7. Why are Joe Biden Eyes black..his eyes are blue rite????

  8. Can you believe the garbage flying out of this guy's mouth? 😂
    Any educated person would know Trump was criticised for his coronavirus response, how he was apparently racist against China for his lockdown (party in Chinatown, you guys)
    Biden is so full of it. We are enemies, you made that clear with your war on America the past four years. Infuriating. Who was doing the demonizing? You're a hypocrite.

  9. In his speech to reassure the Chinese Communist and others like Bezos, Bloomberg, Bill Gates who paid him millions to takeover the US government,
    Comrade Biden declared in public solemnly, carefully and clearly. he had created the most extensive and inclusive voting fraud organization.

  10. I'm out of money $. during 2009!! ! (house take away by bank) to. 2012 (BS degree no-job). what happen to all American during 2009-to-2015 > your answer yourself … what happen 2016-2020. your live is better or worst ? only the. TRUMP can made. Best economy & Jobs for American so far in last 4 years , Hope GOD bless America

  11. Okay for all you people who are saying its Voter Fraud, it isn't. Okay now what you're gonna do is you are gonna comment about some conspiracy theory you call real and try to prove me wrong. Okay now what you're gonna do is convince me that it isn't a conspiracy theory but there is no proof that it's real. Okay now what you're gonna do is say that dead people voted but they never did. Okay before you reply to me about some crackpot conspiracy theory, it won't work. Trump doesn't do anything except play golf. Biden won and Trump was playing GOLF. I made my statement and no reply will get me to be a conservative.

  12. Were doom this country is doom now

  13. Laugh now…. celebrate now…. corrupt media….and welcome to "The voting Dead" season 47 in which you guys lose….just wait….the truth will come to light….let see who will be embarrassed at the end…..see you in court glitching system clowns….

  14. Pompey during Caesar's election as consul: BAD OMENS! Start the voting rounds again.
    Trump 2020: Bad elections! Scrap the whole thing!

    I smell a smelly smell that smells smelly.

  15. Have a look at this.

    Sidney Powell – software HAMMER and SCORECARD was used to change voting numbers . …. .

  16. What they want you to believe about Donald Trump:
    That the man who proclaims "America first" is bad for our country.
    The man who fights against the swamp, is the corrupt one.
    The man who says we should stand for the national anthem, is a tyrant and dictator.
    The man recently nominated for three Nobel peace prizes is an existential threat to the world.
    The man bringing U.S. troops home, doesn't care about our military.
    The man who fixed the VA thinks people wounded or killed in battle, are "losers and suckers".
    The man who increased funding for historically black colleges and universities, is a racist.
    The man who created Opportunity Zones to revitalize distressed inner-city communities, hates minorities.
    The man who champions school choice, hates the poor.
    The man who presided over the largest increase in low and middle income workers earnings in decades, only cares about the rich.
    The man whose policies helped lift millions of minorities out of poverty is, yes, a racist.
    The man who created millions of low- and middle income jobs, (prior to COVID-19), does not care about working people.
    That the man who saw his net worth go down while in Office – the first in the history to do so – only took the job to enrich himself and his Family.
    The man who doesn't take a salary as president, only cares about himself.
    The man who instituted prison reform and criminal justice reform is a Racist.
    The man who had a record number of small donations to his campaign is owned by Wall Street and the Billionaire Elite.
    The man who began closing the Wealth Gap is only in it for his own financial gain.
    The man who became the first president to appoint an openly gay person to his cabinet, is homophobic.
    The man who held Communist China to account, was wrong to do so.
    The man that created more favorable Trade Deals, to help the U.S. worker, is dumb.
    The man who attempts to enforce existing laws, is a dictator.
    The Man that banned travel to-and-from China in Jan, 2020, was a "Racist and Xenophobe" for doing so.
    The Man who followed the Constitution and allowed the States to create their own Coronavirus policies – and then provided them everything they needed – is to blame for all Coronavirus deaths.
    The Man who created the strongest U.S. economy in history – and now has the economy back to just 6.9% unemployment – is not capable of leading us out of the COVID Recession.
    The Man who told his supporters to "vote in person" , to avoid possible cheating, is trying to steal the election.
    The Man that has been investigated more than any other President in history, is a crook.
    The Man who has been the Most Transparent President in history, has not been straight with the American people.
    The List goes on……………………..
    This is what "THEY" want you to believe

    The whole WORLD knows whats going on but it's being suppressed.

  18. He knows he was gunna win cuz they cheat cheat cheat … where is our freedom and democracy

  19. President-elect Al Gore.

  20. Is he going to start by defunding the police or American businesses

  21. China, North Korea, and Iran are salivating right now

  22. I wonder if they will put him through the same physical,psychological, assessment they did Trump?

  23. I’m so confused. I just woke up to this but would really like clarification. Joe – You have an ongoing active /open investigation by Homelamd Security and the FBI because of your treasonous acts with foreign governments. There are currently approved 4 re-counts in 4 states, 2 other states have investigations of fraud and ballot harvesting. I wouldn’t start picking out paint colors for your bedrooms in the White House just yet. Until the Supreme Court validates that you are in fact the next commander in chief…I would sit tight.

  24. Biden is a Chinese shell and will be investigated for the next 4 years.

  25. Yeah that reminds me. Where is Putin now? Did he change his mind after the last election? Or did someone pay him off not to interfere in this one?😅

  26. What it feels a like a fphhh what it feels like

  27. We did not elect you! Silicon Valley did!

  28. Hey biden.. mu ni memey power hoo dalam amik hati ore islam.. ambo tabik dgn mu punyo caro nihh.. kalu free.. sini kita ngopi2.. ambo tggu mu okay biden ??

  29. And talk about kids rubbing up his legs fucking sick and lol when your kid pulls away they don’t like it it’s called being fuckkng werid

  30. I bet corn pop even voted for him

  31. Good speech last night but if he goes too far left he is finished

  32. Yes! Free the slaves ! SuperBiden will do it! Oh wait that already happened 😂😂 Biden-I’m going to do everything TRUMP did because he was great.
    News flash!!!!

    #Trumpisstillyourpresident !!!! 🇺🇸

  33. Joe Biden is a Disgrace…just wait it’s the endgame now

  34. Biden, the election is not over yet. 🚩 "Off Sides, five yard penalty. The ball will be moved back to the 20 yard line! 🚩

  35. Three questions: would Donald Trump have won an honest election? Was there voter fraud? Did the voter fraud affect the election results?

  36. Soooooooooooooo idk what is happening. Like, is Biden doing fake votes?

  37. Here you have a man who at our expense sold us out with NAFTA, took millions from China Ukraine and Russia. Falsely claiming to be a Christian and wanting Christians to pay for abortion at birth, forcing Christians to disregard there faith, refused to denounce ANTIFA / BLM violence, not willing to make Europeans to pay their fair share for their defense of their boarders, gave billions or more to Iran the leader of terrorism in the middle east killing hundreds of Americans service men stationed there
    NO HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT MSM is responsible for putting this piss poor excuse of a human in office. Hopefully some how the Republican party will grow some balls and make sure the investigation into the spying on the Trump campaign continues and those responsible are prosecuted

  38. Trump gave us jobs, put extra money in our pockets and 401k… This is crazy…

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