Saturday , January 22 2022
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Joe Biden Emotional As Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Rename Part Of Bill After Beau Biden | NBC News

Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Harry Reid proposed renaming part of a bipartisan bill to speed government approvals of drugs and increase medical research after the vice president’s son Beau Biden, who died of cancer.
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Joe Biden Emotional As Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid Rename Part Of Bill After Beau Biden | NBC News


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  1. I hope and pray Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States.

  2. Why he needs to be PRESIDENT because he wants to end cancer. IT'S REAL because it's not natural to lose a child. R.I.P. true patriotic family. WOW. GET TRUMP or he will damage everything OBAMA & BIDEN DID. Also, there's no way I would vote for BILL CLINTON BACK IN THE OFFICE so yes, morality, choice, fidelity & love/grief matter to people. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one grossed out.

  3. F U Mitch McConnell. You are the cancer in this country.

  4. That's cool no matter who you support for president

  5. 0:45 Crazy to think that, unbeknownst to everyone, something lethal was growing in McCain's brain #RIP

  6. I'm a Republican and I would be honored to vote for Biden

  7. Before you endorse this person you might want to look up pedo Joe in the search engine and see what you find and then ask yourself would I allow this person to watch my children or my grandchildren and that will give you your answer . I am not a fan of Trumps but I will vote for him before I would vote for a pedophile .

  8. McCain did walk by, how ironic , old news being publicized for what? Just coverage to stay in news,? How low have they come.

  9. Never seen Mitch say something caring. Maybe it’s a clone?

  10. When they're respectful
    And than Trump is president and their true personalities appear.

  11. Joe Biden is a pedophile. Every picture he’s in with kids, he’s touching and way too close to them and they look terrified. Every one.

  12. Look, When it comes to it. These guys disagree, but they are friends (and everyone hates Ted). The Sen. is not like congress. Its seems much more gentlemanlly, cordial, And they work together more. Thats why there is no Freedom Caucus . Thank god.

    The best thing that could happen is the house swing back dem and the Senate stay Rep. Then they might start working together and compromise – and the politics head ack to the centre after the last 10 years that started with things like the tea party.

  13. Pretty creepy to see McCain walk past the shot at 0:45 when McConnell is talking about the cancer that Beau had that later killed McCain.

  14. God bless Joe… We need him in 2020…and had his son Beau not passed away…. We'd have Joe as Commander-in cheif

  15. This just makes me cry. Why can't we just be good to one another all the time?

  16. This is the swamp creatures praising the swamp creatures.

  17. Biden just might be our best bet for 2020

  18. All of them are traitors . They all make me sick. MAGA.

  19. This is the bipartisanship that is missing and should be sought by both sides of the aisle

  20. The only noble thing Mitch McConnell has ever done.

  21. Mitch! You gotta do something about Trump man! Please!

  22. Look at Mitch being a good man. Come on Mitch we need you to be this man more often

  23. What do you mean by "He was also a Democrat? That's one of the problem with Democracy!

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