Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Joe Biden Slams Trump’s Rhetoric As ‘Abuse Of Power’ | NBC News Now

2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden addressed voters in Iowa and sent a strong message to President Trump in his speech regarding his rhetoric. NBC News’ Mike Memoli reports.
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Joe Biden Slams Trump’s Rhetoric As ‘Abuse Of Power’ | NBC News Now


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  1. Go Biden Go……..defeat evil Trump

  2. Hillary made the same mistake.
    No policy but Trump bad.
    How are are you going to help the country ?
    Haven't a clue ….. Trump bad.

  3. There’s no reason to dislike the video just because you disagree with Biden. NBC is simply reporting what he said, and yet the videos still get dislike bombed

  4. As he croaks out to about 39 people ," Believe in truth not facts" 😔 and this dork is so irritating as he thinks he is a reporter of facts🤑

  5. I wonder how much $$$$$$$$$ Biden pocketed in the Iran nuclear deal????
    Do you really think all that CASH actually made it to the Mullahs in IRAN?

  6. BIDEN WANTS TO PRAISE GEORGE WASHINGTON. CNN, MSNBC AND ALIKE ARE PRAISING RACIST BIDEN. The relationship between George Washington and slavery was complex, contradictory and evolved over time. It operated on two levels: his personal position as a slaveowning Virginia planter and later farmer; and his public positions first as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and later as President of the United States. He owned slaves almost his entire life, having inherited the first 10 slaves at the age of eleven on the death of his father in 1743. In adulthood his personal slaveholding increased through inheritance, purchase and natural increase, and he gained control of dower slaves belonging to the Custis estate on his marriage in 1759 to Martha Dandridge Custis. He put his slaves to work on his Mount Vernon estate, which in time grew to some 8,000 acres encompassing five separate farms, initially planting tobacco but diversifying into grain crops in the mid 1760s. Washington's early attitudes to slavery reflected the prevailing Virginia planter views of the day; he demonstrated no moral qualms about the institution and referred to his slaves as "a Species of Property." He became skeptical about the economic efficacy of slavery before the American Revolution, and grew increasingly disillusioned with the institution after it. He was unable to extricate himself from his dependency on slave labour, and by the time of his death in 1799 Washington owned 124 slaves, which he freed in his will, and controlled another 193, most of whom remained enslaved.

  7. Biden doesn't care. He's been dogwhistling to white supremacists also such as gloating about working with segregationists and refusing to apologize for it, only targeting the two black Democrat candidates, defending white supremacy by saying it's not a mental illness, and so on. He's just saying this to win Iowa maybe? Don't know but his record to me suggests he doesn't care about race issues and never has.

  8. Dnc really wants to lose the election if this is the best they have to offer

  9. The world knows dems are evil liars. Cant change that fact!

  10. ORourke and Biden doesnt have a prayer for election. NO DEMS WANTED. PRES. TRUMP WILL WIN. DEMS BS IS JUST BS.

  11. Creepy Joe is a globalist under the one world order ….
    Only brainwashed and dumb down americans will vote for that puppet

  12. Tell the child molester to go find a baby to play with

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