Home / News / Joe Biden Takes 3rd Crack At New Hampshire Presidential Primary | NBC News NOW

Joe Biden Takes 3rd Crack At New Hampshire Presidential Primary | NBC News NOW

The former vice president is well known in the state, but in unfamiliar territory as the Democratic front-runner.
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Joe Biden Takes 3rd Crack At New Hampshire Presidential Primary | NBC News NOW


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  1. biden needs to drop out of the race.

  2. Joe Biden Never Made It To The New Hampshire Primary!!!!!!!

    On September 23!1987 Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Dropped Out After Plagiarizing British Politician Neil Kinnock!!!!

    Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Dropped Out On January 3, 2008 After A Fifth Place Finish And Winning Only Point Nine Percent Of The Iowa Caucus Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Biden’s unrelenting gaffes would indicate a serious mental problem. I hope that’s not the case, but wow it’s a daily issue. Also let’s not forget his groping women and young girls. Absolutely creepy.

  4. Joe biden is losing his mind, have you notice, endless gaffes. And not to mention his endless "touching" of kids and women, if you know what I mean.

  5. I wonder if he still Behaves inappropriately around young women

  6. Poor sleepy joe… he Doesn’t know where he is…. doesn’t know how he got there… when he gets home doesn’t know where he was

  7. Biden just loves the state of Vermont! Tee Hee! 😀

  8. America has been saying No-To-Joe in 3 failed presidential campaigns in 1988, 2004 and 2008. Consent matters. No means no.

  9. Biden says poor little girls smell just as good as white little girls

  10. NEW POLL: THREE-WAY TIE FOR DEMOCRATIC LEAD – Sanders 20%, Warren 20%, Biden 19% :
    New poll shows Biden falling badly, three-way tie for Democratic lead. Joe Biden’s support in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination is slipping, according to a new survey from Monmouth University Poll that shows the former vice president dropping below 20 percent.

    The survey showed Biden with support from 19 percent of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters nationally, a double-digit decline from Monmouth's most recent poll in June when he led the pack with 32 percent.

    Now, the dynamics have changed, according to the Monmouth survey. Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the primary field’s top progressive candidates, are each at 20 percent, putting them in a statistical tie with Biden and indicating a tightening three-way race.

  11. While in Keene, N.H., this weekend, former Vice President Joe Biden was asked for his "impression of Keene." He then told reporters that the town, where he was then standing, was in VERMONT.

    Reporter: "What's your impression of Keene?"

    "I've been here a number of times," Biden responded.."The last time was, I think, all the way back in 2014. But I've been here before that. I love this place. I love–look, what's not to like about VERMONT in terms of the beauty of it?

    "And what a neat town! I mean, this is sort of a scenic, beautiful town. The mayor's been a good guy. And everybody's been really friendly. I like Keene a lot."

  12. A stable force? This guy can’t even remember where he is speaking…

  13. "Jill biden made news when she said what Joe Biden's real asset is and real strength is right now" elect-ability is a asset? THERE'S NO SUCH THING!!! Tbh as a democrat if Joe biden is our candidate going into the general election I'm staying home I'd rather not vote at all than to vote for him nothing is gonna fundamentally change

  14. Remember Joe it s NEW HAMPSHIRE not VERMONT.

  15. These two bimbos are beyond delusional of what important information is.

  16. Biden keeps forgetting things, you can't have another person with dementia in the white house.

  17. Then calls it Vermont. If your president you should at least know what state your in.

  18. People say Andrew Yang can't win..And he's going to.

  19. Has joe touch you but you like it if does touches you lol

  20. The only thing certain for 2020 is, Trump 2020 victory by landslide. Love it. Love Me.

  21. As the Cognitive Load is increased on Joe, he begins to to get scattered.. And losing his train of thought.

  22. Biden needs to remember he is in New Hampshire not Vermont.

  23. There's a good reason Biden lost the first TWO TIMES he ran for president. First one knocked out, BOTH TIMES.
    You Dems sure know how to pick em. LOL

  24. JOE BIDEN has officially wigged out and shown his RIP VAN WINKLE state of mind. He is the FIRST and PROBABLY the only PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE and more than likely the only POLITICIAN ( and in this context, I use the world loosely ) to even MENTION a former PRESIDENT getting A S S A S I N A T E D !!!! Joe Biden has now officially become JED CLAMMPET. Even T R U M P had said that, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA would have gone BALLISTIC, but in this case they are giving JOE BIDEN the BIG GREEN LIGHT to speak about OBAMA in that matter. ARE YOU @#$%? ing KIDDING ME?

  25. Wow! Not a single Black or Mexican in this whole clown show, racists much Democreeps?

  26. If I went on Amazon and ordered a gaffe machine someone would deliver Joe Biden in a box to my house

  27. Joe SURE LOVES VERMONT when he's in Vermont!! What a catastrophe Joe "the gaffe" Biden, is such a joke. It's just pitiful the losers the Democrats are trying to put in charge.


  29. If Pence were President age would be an issue with Biden but Trump being 72 and Biden 76 it's sort of bogus for Republicans to focus on age. Plus, Biden clearly has kept his weight down while Trump is noticeably overweight. As for the two video reporters here, I respect their energy and think they are just fine but it does help to have a seasoned reporter covering primaries because "old pros" have credibility that makes one pay attention.

    Biden in 1993 speech pushing crime bill warned of 'predators on our streets' who were 'beyond the pale'

  31. He was vice-president for 57 states even Vermont


  33. But Joe thinks he's in Vermont? Might be a problem

  34. Wrong no American wants obummer economy again

  35. jill biden pretty much admits her husband is a trash candidate with no real good policies.

  36. Might be helpful if Biden knew what state he was in.. TRUMP2020

  37. Where was that Vermont ? If you heard the speech on the street he thought he was in Vermont he a moron

  38. Here is something you will never here Biden say to an 8 year old girl or boy: Stop sucking my Di@K or I'll call the police!!!

  39. Mrs. Biden! Rescue Joe! Let him live his twilight years in peace!

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