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Joe Biden takes oath of office during Inauguration ceremony

Joe Biden officially sworn in as President of the United States.

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  1. I wonder how mike pence felt being the only republican there

  2. I like the Baby crying in the background.. must send shivers down the back of the Pedophiles..

  3. There are No Crimes sufficiently Evil which will be prosecuted by our Corrupt Gov't.. They have it all, the entire Blackmail Black Book of Evidence and did ZILCH.. Those that refuse to prosecute crimes against humanity (I.E. PEDOPHILIA) are themselves guilty of those crimes. Round 'em up.. Gallows out back.

  4. Pedophiles taking an Oath on a Bible!! The wrath of God will not let this stand.

  5. An oath that’s a laugh!

  6. Biden and Roberts – the abominable public figures on display today!

  7. Wow love the Trumpies in the comments. Your traitor of a president didn't win- get over yourself and realize that Trump is the one that was lying to you.

  8. It pretty disgusting seeing Hunter Biden up there.

  9. I understand how you all feel trust me I do I'm a disabled veteran I was in theater for 7 years and fought in 5 different conflict zones. For those of you that don't know what theater means militarily speaking that means I was on the front lines in war zones for 7 years not actually on Broadway lol… I am a devout Catholic so I do not believe in karma I believe in God's wrath. I love him with all my heart. However I fear him when he gets mad and right now hes very mad. I fear him like a child fears his father when hes done something wrong he knows hes going to get a spanking. But what's coming to these democrats is God's wrath. However we have to be patient because if you're fluent in The Bible you know a year is but A-day in God's eyes. So thinking about this four years of a Biden administration is only 4 days to God. So we must remain patient protect yourself watch your 6. Protect each other care for your neighbor and for friends and family. And let God work his majesty. You have to remember God loves trump so very much. Only by God's grace are we brought in to the flock His chosen people are the people of Israel. And trump signed for of the most significant peace treaties in world history. So tell me while trump was protecting God's chosen people do you think god was turning a blind eye to that. I'm telling you all he was not in fact this is God's plan he wants us to be in lightened and awakened to exactly who the democrats are so he gave Biden the presidency but only for a short period of time just so the people of this nation the ones that don't like trump will realize how much of a big mistake they made and finally their eyes will be opened just like saul's were on the way to Damascus. When Christ blinded him and asked him why are you condemning me that's what these democrats are doing and people's eyes are gonna be awoken have faith be patient love each other love your neighbor and your family and will get through this together this I promise

  10. Who would watch this old demented putz take office? Thank God the media is pushing this “insurrection” farce, so that the world doesn’t have to see the small crowd Joe Biden would attract to his stolen election.

  11. fox posted this no wonder the comments are filled with idiots lmao

  12. He's clear and present danger to our country that has also lied with his hand on the bible. God help us.

  13. Trump should have been there.

  14. This is the end. My only friend, the end. Of everything that stands, the end.

  15. Wow, congrats Cho-Sung Bai Din! Don't let the low number of viewers fool you guys- I'm sure this inauguration had millions of viewers from China watching on cable TV

  16. So his fraud is complete , now go arrest him for treason against America. Kamala also

  17. He lies about being Catholic. He's lying here too!

  18. I Sleepy creepy joe swear to lie cheet and steal

  19. flyin' my flag at half-staff until further notice..😑

  20. Love the comments. It’s beautiful to see you go nuts about this 🍿

  21. President FRAUD BIDEN, it’s was the ONLYWAY HE WON, A FACT


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