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Joe Biden tries to laugh off scrutiny over string of misstatements

He pushed back on a Washington Post report that he told inaccurate stories on the campaign trail, saying it’s the message that matters, not the details.



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  1. His dentures came loose at the TX debate last night.

  2. Good ole Joe "Bloody Eye" Biden.

  3. Joe Biden the gaff Machine!!!!

  4. Wow, this anchor has SO sold his soul. He's all like: "Money?? Okay. You want me to be the modern version of Josef Goebbels? Sure, whatever, just pay me. I mean, i'll tell everyone I suck dog cock for cash if you pay me enough.".

    You fuckers are deaf and morally FUCKED.

  5. I'll tell you this: If Trump gets re-elected, you'll lose all the Americans who were ever decent; who ever made this country great. And then you will fall.

    And i'll be partying in Norway.

  6. I worked three years in nursing homes for geriatric residents and I can't believe Joe Biden is planning to be POTUS 4 very long years. He can't speak loud or without stuttering horribly. Give that old geezer a cup of Jello and tuck him in bed with the side rails up.

  7. This is just a sample of the SHIT, the DemonRATS intend to sell America, so that Uncle Joey, gets the TOP JOB…. W R O N G !!! Uncle Joey, "The Gaffe", will banned from every office in the land, he won't be allowed to use the phone, he may have to wear a quilted rubber suit, so he doesn't hurt himself. He may not be seen again. The DemonRATS will go quietly into the night, BUT some members of the DemonRAT Party, will still be in the news, as they get indicted & convicted of illegal activities. TRUMP will be vindicated & hundreds of DOJ, CIA & (others… i.e Hillary & Company) will be incarcerated. America will have Survived the DemonRATS… We the People can go back to Baseball, Apple Pie & Fried Chicken on Sundays… Yabba Dabba Doo,,,,

  8. Lol huh yeah Biden on Colbert's show TOTALLY wasn't scripted…

  9. What’s with Joe Biden’s China looking eyes, too much surgery? The guy is a demented joke.

  10. Biden thinks he has been places that he has never been.

  11. If Biden ran for and won two terms in office, he would be 86 by the time he leaves office… Political affiliations aside, would you really want an 86 year old (who's already showing signs of dementia at 76) with his finger on the switch?

  12. What a moron. The others are even worse.

  13. He copied Andrew Yang's talking points

  14. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸✌️❤️💕

  15. When he was in Vietnam, Biden killed 13 North Koreans with his bare hands.

  16. Ok Biden makes mistakes! An you don't? But he at least owns up to his errors unlike Trump who goes "round the bend" to prove that he is right. D'ah! For example his Alabama comments with the hurricane is just one instance of his psychologically unhinged behavior. Trump is a mental case!! He hounded Obama for 6 to 8 years so now when he's is the target he wines like a little child! What a pussy!! In thy fire Donald you will be repaid!

  17. This cheesy creepy OLD reagan democrat asstard needs to go away and make animal balloons in the church basement!

  18. Go home Biden. It's time for sleep.

  19. He also likes to invade personal space and touch women and children inappropriately.

  20. The akward moment when you were vp before this… And in that time Mexicans were definitely being put in cages …..

  21. The Democrats have no front runner ><

  22. Biden is a pedophile. He better nit enter office. Y do ppl praise him 😠

  23. And this is the senile idiot that will control the nuclear button , drop dead democrats

  24. Bad news this Biden…. too old , old school Democrat that is stuck in past and your country will not move forward and his past is questionable !!!!!! 🇷🇺👍😁😀😁👍🇷🇺

  25. This Biden may lead in polls right now but he should step down his memory is not good…… he is too damn old…….. Dems should not use this Biden as their Golden boy……. big big mistake !!!!!!!!!! 🇷🇺👍😁😀😁👍🇷🇺

  26. BIDEN 2020
    Trump doesn't stand a chance.

  27. Dems plan
    2018: Russia,Russia,Russia
    2019: Racist,Racist,Racist
    2020: Recession,Recession,Recession

  28. Gropin Joe. A former 8 year VP that his firmer boss wont even support. Totally dissed!🤣😂

    That being said NONE of the DEMs have a chance.


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