Joe Biden wants more FEMA funding after Florida, Maui disasters | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden visited FEMA headquarters to thank them for their efforts as well as request funding from Congress.

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Hurricane Idalia and other recent natural disasters have drained the federal government’s relief funds faster than expected, the Biden administration said Friday in a request to Congress for more emergency money.

Three weeks after asking lawmakers to approve an additional $12 billion, the White House budget office said it now needs $16 billion.

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  1. This is a lie. He wants to couple a bill for FEMA funding and more Ukraine funding. He doesn’t care about Americans. He is willing to threaten not aiding FEMA if Ukraine voting is not voted for. This administration is a joke.

  2. Social security and Medicaid are being cut. US credit rating went down due to to much debt. Maui victims receive $700 per household. Ukraine and illegal i migrants get billions. 😵‍💫🤔 BRICS is dumping the petrodollar.

  3. Red states and GOP politicians who constantly complain about federal spending should get nothing from the feds when disasters strike.

  4. Stop giving money to Foreign counties. Why are we paying for foreign wars. We the American people need it athome

  5. If you’re black please do everyone a favor and DONT VOTE you’re supposed to use critical thinking skills not listen to what the internet says please you’re literally all ruining the country right now

  6. Thumbs up if this video left you in awe of the creator's skills!

  7. Those fucken rebulicans are not going to do anything

  8. Take the money back from Ukraine

  9. Can you get people off the streets first?
    Can you stop cops ( corrupted )from killing innocents?
    Can you get us MORE MONEY instead of sending it out to everyone else but this country that needs it the most?

    K thanks.

  10. Počul som že 14 ročne dávajú podnety na znásilnenie 😅

  11. They want more Fema money for them not the people they targeted with the fire. He is making so much money in double dealing it ain't funny Then has the nerve to ask them for donations to keep him in office so he can keep doing it. They only care about themselves and what is in it for them.

  12. Môj Ďetko bojoval v oby dvoch vojnách v Berlíne strieľať aj do Američanov

  13. He cut a deal with Donald Trump to let Kid Rock follow everywhere so he could take me out and if he was successful they would all split the money.

  14. He didn't want to deal with my situation and he took a bribe to not do so, from the very person who was trying to take him down, and he went against the person who was supporting him. The person with ALL the juice. Now he has to deal with it because his and his wife's asses are on the line to be seen for who they really are. CRIMINALS.