Joe Concha: Biden has always been 'below average' but somehow failed upwards

Fox News contributor examines why liberals attack Republicans for not sharing their same view on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. Democrats are done in this country along with there treasonous leftist lieing liberal agenda in our country and in our schools.
    This leftist woke CRT agenda has no place in our country and also has no place in our schools, teaching our children there leftist woke CRT agenda to our children.

  2. You need to get some help from your lord god’s word.

  3. No friendships across the aisle f*** them Demorats

  4. The West is doomed because its men allowed their ladies to vote.

  5. He didn't fail up… He simply let the democrats prop him up and make a fool out of him. It's always been said MONEY can buy the PRESIDENCY… FJB

  6. Why is no one in America producing? I want Levi back without the fake plastic. I want cotton, not GMO cotton!

  7. Just a because the stupid MSM pushes conflict between the two parties does NOT mean that’s what’s happening.. intelligent folks need to stop giving those Haters any media time.. just like if you ignore Hillary Clinton she will disappear again

  8. LOL. Old saying: “Keep your friends close”. I know why Concha watches the View.

  9. The Turtle got Sinema on The Payroll.

  10. Oboden falls up steps why not ladders!

  11. Liberal lunatics can’t help themselves for being so stupid! These people have marbles rolling around in their skull!

  12. You can’t help stupid!
    Sunny Hostin from the View has a lower IQ than a 5th grader!

  13. The Spew needs to be canceled.
    Barbara Walters should haunt those witches on the spew.

  14. If you believe what they do then do your stuff but if you want to know what the truth is you will trust the lord god’s blessings but if you chose some one who knows more than god’s word then you follow her .

  15. When people begin to understand that the leftist view anyone who dosen't agree with them, they are considered a mortal enemy.

  16. He watches The View because it is a clown show par excellence.

  17. The fact that the view is still on tv shows the absolute stupidity of a large amount of people

  18. The view has the biggest idiots on tv today

  19. Leader must always optimis but strong in your country Will strong in out your country.

  20. The left has Lost it’s Collective Mind!! I voted Democrat my whole life. I am independent now. I like the Libertarians idea of self reliance, states rights and small federal government!

  21. The View is the "Verbal Jerry Springer Show". Video bird cage liner.

  22. The View is hosted by horrible people who have no place on television.

  23. If those so-called women on The view hate this country so much it's everyday I hate this about this country I hate that about this country did it I hate this then just leave

  24. That is what happens when you have evil backing you.

  25. Sunny just can't understand that everyone doesn't want to think like her. Typical socialist democrat. Alyssa should've known better than to accept a job on a show full of morons.

  26. Biden is just exemplifying the "Peter principle".

  27. With all this crisis happening in the world, one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in forex and crypto which are really profitable

  28. I have never seen so much stupidity on the view