Joe Concha: Paul Pelosi is the real life Gordon Gekko

Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighs in on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s push on culture issues for the midterms amid husband Paul Pelosi’s stock trades and an attempted stabbing on Rep. Lee Zeldin on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. Vagabond is smarter than Gordon Gekko 💀

  2. I feel like throwing up as there is no justice.
    Someone powerful needs to stand up and get these people convicted and put out of public service as they are not serving the public but instead are using the public to serve themselves.
    It's a shame.
    Gascon should be on prison, but not in California as he would be out before I hit send.

  3. hey paul get a pair of glasses from pearl vision she a dog

  4. U never should of got on the bench. Left wing wokie judge

  5. A Peluso Mafia what is new?

  6. Since lobbying have been white wash as a legal means of bribery, insider trading is nothing already. Getting elected is the best way to make money in USA now, so many stream of income.


  8. REMINDER: Tulsi Gabbard is a member of both the WEF's Young Leader Consortium, and the CFR. She's 100% compromised.

  9. your wrong, people keep electing the crazy far left who appoint people to positions that allow this kind of behavior with little to no consequence. this whole idea of releasing the criminal and blaming the victim has got to get much worse before SOME people will wake up.

  10. Two drunken drugged cunts worth a lot of money stolen by them, insider trading. Fuckem

  11. American people wants the crooked Washington in guantanimo

  12. Hey Nancy maybe they would believe you if the vote to give billions was more than a week away from your husbands “investments”

  13. You know who's corrupt, Fox News. Nothing but a sick collection of liars, bimbos and sociopaths. Get your news from legitimate sources for a change.

  14. Let china arrest her when visit Taiwan 🤣

  15. Pukey pelosi and putrid Paul should be investigated for insider trading and fined

  16. Insider trading by a drunk driver…Nuthin' to see here, Homeys. Just another day in the life of a Democrap.

  17. They are doing insider trading its illegal to the rest of us it needs to stop.

  18. They will both be in hell, 100%

  19. …the Pooplosi's are corrupt creepy lying lowlife drunken adulterous weasels…
    No Charge

  20. Since the 70s
    The world changed on US
    look at how the middle east
    Has systems in place for the people
    Look at the airports hotels
    Then compare them to ours here
    We look like a 3rd world country
    And the only good coming from US
    Is from the people
    Not any goverment aid system or justice is working
    Only for them

  21. She can't read ,she can't speak …ok but she is a dictator..