Joe Manchin gets taken advantage of ‘again and again and again’

Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist argues Sen. Joe Manchin’s amendment to speed up energy projects gives more power to the federal government. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Being at the end of life I have decided to vote for democrats simply to ruin the rest of justice warriors lives

  2. It should cost Biden. Day 1 2024 Trump should freeze his accounts to help pay the bill

  3. Joe , things look like your on the take. Stop making it easy to not like you. You were a hero and now a zero. Think before you sign.

  4. Machin is a tool and a traitor to the people of West Virginia! Vote him out!!!!!!!

  5. Manchin got played. Trusting Schumer was his first mistake.

  6. Have any of them even thought about what all of this has done to the people on fixed incomes. They have went from around $400 a month below the poverty leave to almost twice that.
    These politicians should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. He wasn't taken advantage of. He intends to discard the interests of his constituents to make a fortune in green energy.

  8. Puppet puppet treasonous puppet

  9. manchin is all in dont ket him fool you.

  10. Joe Manchin brought it upon himself, and sadly the people of his State will suffer the most. Joe believed Schumer, and that’s worse than believing the Devil himself. That’s just plain dumb.

  11. Do not pay your taxes you are going to need your money and if all Americans would stand together and tell them no more are we are moving leave this government and the immigrants behind

  12. Can't believe you guys still buy this crap about Joe Manchin!! A slimy politician and a member of the demOratic Taliban party in very good standing!! Please wake up.

  13. There is not one good Democrat, not one…

  14. Republicans, don’t be stupid!!

  15. It's the first of many Communist acts planned , they wanted to see how this worked out ,it's for the children lmao . Now the real twist is tie up all that student money so they never really get every student loan just some of them and if your father knows the right administrator boom loan payed off . end of the day it will be higher taxes ,higher inflation and Joe biden will be retired

  16. This is what, the Democrats called democracy at work, spend until there's no tomorrow, worry about the mega crowd, and their democracy, I don't think they can even explain what democracy is to them, because it's just that one party dictatorship.

  17. The devil making deals with the devil.

  18. 🗣💰Is he well compensated for it though 🤨💰💯 all of the Republicans take turn💰 or bunch together $💰get them all out and term limits.