Thursday , August 11 2022

Joe Manchin says Biden's Build Back Better plan is 'gone'

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz discusses Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., signaling the end of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and the federal gas tax holiday.

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  1. Build back better is gone? then where did the money go? Oh wait, I know loser corrupt politicians pockets!


  3. Hallelujah! 👏🏻

  4. When touting "Build back better" Biden was referring to his bank accounts…

  5. I don't think the democrats believe that or they will get it from SS probably.

  6. Biden going back to broke back mountain

  7. Why don't all these politicians hold their hand up to the Lord and ask for forgiveness for they're all traitors to our country this President does know what he's doing he's a socialist Communist and the sooner somebody admits that and does something about it and hangs The Man by his neck for being a traitor our country will get off this communist rail

  8. Yeah they may cut out the American people stimulus check but then they'll turn around and give 45 billion dollars overseas to some silly crap mostly to our enemies

  9. The last time I checked, he was not the President!

  10. Someone needs to tell Joe that.

  11. You mean “build back broke”?


  13. Thank God for Senator Manchineel.. Biden and that bunch don’t care about people and country..

  14. start by stop sending money to Ukraine

  15. Biden is a Joe! A sick sick joke!

  16. Too many people in politics

  17. It isn't gone. They no longer need to pass it bc they are forcing it all on us

  18. Build back better….the mantra of the psychopaths within the world economic forum. Notice how these terms are fed to the masses in a very crude but sublime type of predictive programming way. 🤔😡😡
    What they really mean by the term is that, being part of the ultra rich global elite they wish for us minions to have nothing and be happy. Whilst they themselves will continue to live their opulent, decadent, obscene and over priveleged lifestyles. 👊👊

  19. Yeah… biden build back better to a deeply crisis economy and major debt crisis… in 2 more yrs biden could has sold America to china possibility… biden is a terrible president..ever..ever..ever

  20. In my opinion, they could cut all government budgets by 50% and personnel and we would be just fine

  21. Total waste of time and money 💰 TOO MANY corrupted games FOR THE richer world.

  22. Biden never did one darn good thing for the American people!!!!what a legacy of travisty for the history books!

  23. Nothing's built Nothing's back and Nothing's better.

  24. nothing is built nothing is back nothing is better….lmfao

  25. What's "missing in this equation" is all the Dems AND Biden's gray matter between their ears.

  26. Biden needs a brain transplant

  27. It never existed, except in that pea brain of his!! And I'm referring to brandon just to be clear.

  28. Stay the course Joe (Manchin) not the potato in the WH…

  29. Manchin isn’t a hero. He still sides with the dems on many radical positions.

  30. All the money that Democrats are stealing they're stealing

  31. That’s right…. The Biden administration has no clue

  32. Nothing is free from Biden, he will triple the tax! I wish I had never taken the 1400 dollars covid money.

  33. Joe Biden is driving this country into the poor house. But Nancy Pelosi will always find ways to waste tax payer money.

  34. its simple to cut spending just stop being selfish politicians