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Joel Klatt ranks Ohio State 2A, Alabama 2B | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL

Joel Klatt breaks down Ohio State and Alabama’s rankings in his Top 10.

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Joel Klatt ranks Ohio State 2A, Alabama 2B | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL

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  1. Do you agree with Joel Klatt's Top 10?

  2. And who said Justin Field would be overrated in Ohio St? Ohio St are easily top 3 at the moment in college football.

    Burrow and the LSU offense evolved too much with the arrival of Joe Brady.

  3. The 2 teams that look the strongest to me are OSU and Oklahoma…just my opinion 🤷🏿‍♂️

  4. To bad these guys aren't tested for drugs like the athletes are. LSU and Georgia would beat brakes off OSU. Love how these QBs can't make it in the SEC but are "phenomenons" at other schools

  5. LOL where is Michigan?! Haha. UM will be lucky to be top 25 by year end.

  6. Top 3 teams have played nobody….

  7. Flip Bama and Wisconsin and its right. Wisconsin hasn't aliowed anything on Defense.

    The Tide is starting 7 freshman this year,(by necessity!) with 2 on the DL, and 2 LBers.

    They just got blown out by 4 TDs earlier to Clemson with a much better team, especially on Defense… so why the "Auto-qualifier " again, Joel?
    You're better than that!. This is what you preach about

    . They aren't running the ball well, either. They lose to GA, LSU, and Auburn in the Iron bowl at minimum.

  8. How is Clemson staying number one Ohio State was penalized for strength of schedule but Clemson plays Texas a&m and that is the only ranked team all season long

  9. Actually at this point I would rank OSU as number one. Alabama has no running game and a C rated defense.

  10. holy christ, i never thought i would see the day Joel Klatt would leave michigan out of his top 10 lmao

  11. Joel and Gus should run for President and VP.

  12. Joel is da goat of college football

  13. Can't be mad at Joel he always has OUs back

  14. Stop it Oklahoma go bucks lol

  15. Joel Klatt is easily, EASILY, the most educated intelligent College football analyst out there. I only really listen to what he says

  16. Clemson’s horrendous high school schedule lol 😂

  17. The more bo nix gets better and that Auburn defense , makes auburn legit threat if the offensive line holds up

  18. 1. Georgia
    2. Clemson
    3. Alabama
    4. Oklahoma
    5. LSU
    6. Ohio State

    I know I’m biased but I do have reasons for putting us ahead of Alabama and Clemson:
    For Clemson, they still lost the whole d-line and the leadership there, but also Trevor Lawrence and the passing game has really struggled a lot and that will cost them when they finally play a good team. For Alabama, it’s just the lack of domination at the line of scrimmage. That doesn’t matter against bad teams, or even decent ones like A&M, but when it comes to playing Georgia, Clemson, and LSU, it will hurts them deeply as we saw last year multiple times.

  19. I appreciate OSU being put so high. makes me a little nervous to be honest. i agree with his assessment of the defense but i know how Bama and clemson for the moment fair against tougher opponents in tougher environments. i dont know what i am getting out of OSU right now at least offensively in those same environments. indiana was a disappointment in terms of competition and even still Fields didnt have his best day and wasnt as accurate even though he still had a decent stat line. but having J.K Dobbins takes the pressure off anyway so not sure it will matter. But not seeing much in terms of adversity for OSU until about week 9 against Wisc. rest of the B1G just seems to be kinda flat this year unfortunately.

  20. I don't disagree with much except Wisconsin is getting too much credit. When's the last time Wisconsin beat a great team when the season was on the line? Pretty much EVERY YEAR they play lame non-conference teams and get all this credit. And then they lose to Michigan, or Ohio State, or whoever. Tired of them getting credit even if they "look great so far". Play a real non-conference schedule.

  21. I'm a die hard Ohio State fan but trying to be objective their D looks great. Hopefully they won't lay an egg this year to a so so team.

  22. I totally agree with him. Yes OSU hasn't really been tested yet, but the defense has gotten so much better from last year and with Justin Field and J.K Dobbins, you know you need to watch out for them or else they will run the ball down your throats to where OSU will put up 40+ on the score board. And I know if I was the committee that I would so not leave OSU out of the playoffs this year!! Go bucks!! O-H

  23. This is why hes the best in the game. Cant argue with anything. Top 10 that actually makes sense. AP is a JOKE

  24. Joel Klatt and Colin Cowherd are great together talking college football.😎

  25. SEC teams will play each other. ND at Georgia this weekend. As long as Clemson, Oklahoma, and Ohio St go undefeated, these three are in. Plus SEC team. Any hiccups will bring other teams into consideration.

  26. Aye Joel you my man but bama is the clear 2 and Ohio state the 3😂

  27. Put Clemson as 2C cause UCF is #1

  28. Ohio State is a monster this year

  29. Yes, and it is amazing how much he knows about the top 30+ teams. Stopped watching ESPN because of Klatt!

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