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Joel Klatt's Top 25 Teams for the 2019 College Football Season | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL

With the 2019 season just around the corner, FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt breaks down his top 25 teams in college football. Can anyone top Clemson?

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Joel Klatt’s Top 25 Teams for the 2019 College Football Season | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL

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  1. Which teams are your favorite for the 2019 season?

  2. Michigan will go 0 for the last 8 against Ohio State

  3. Whaaat. Ohio State should be higher. All ur reasons are garbage for us being at 7. Urban Meyer was barely there for all the games because of his head issues. Our defense was absolute garbage last year. The loss of that defensive coordinator I view as a gain. Not a loss at all. Bosa didn’t play at all for us. I don’t consider him to be an Ohio State player anyways so his loss does nothing to hurt us. Haskins is a loss true. And yes he needs a replacement. But they said the same thing when Barrett left and Haskins was left. Oh they can’t replace him in one year. This is The Ohio State University. I don’t want to hear it. We have a heisman potential qb in fields too so. Thx for acknowledging that. We have arguably the best defensive players in Chase young. Our secondary is always good. And Ryan day will do just fine like he has. As he’s been basically coaching the team for years now. Don’t even get me started about ttun. Y’all say every year. Oh this is the year it’s going to happen. Do u remember last year when they said that?? What happened. We dropped a 60 bomb on their headtops. Number one defense they said. We’re a national championship caliber team. We’ll beat any ranked team that comes at us. Our only worry should be not taking a team like Purdue seriously. If we do that. We win in all. Mark. My. Words.

  4. Mizzou is top 20 mark my words.

  5. Thank you for giving Ohio State more incentive to pound that team up north. I like it when OSU is rated in the teens at years start. Keeps the players from getting too cocky.

  6. I enjoy his expertise but why does Klatt despise usc? Not this season but in general even when they’re playing well.

  7. Florida is over rated after watching the Miami game. Well scratch that. They both are.

  8. and…… this is why you work for Fox.

  9. Leaving Wisconsin out is completely disrespectful.

  10. Idk I don't see Iowa state doing fantastic this year at all

  11. michigan overranked, don’t think patterson is that good

  12. Joel u crazy no penn state and Nebraska ranked that high

  13. Fresno state better be on this list

  14. No penn state is a disgrace

  15. Keep sleeping on Missouri 😴😴

  16. "Don Brown? Don't worry about his defense, he's gonna be just fine"


  17. I disagree with Georgia they should be lower. They are bust waiting to happen every year. Georgia is always a good team but everytime you expect them to win a big game they CHOKE!

  18. Sparty will win Super Bowl.

  19. Klatt is in love with Texas 🙄

  20. Your analysis of Ohio State was totally weak. Bosa basically did not play at all last year so he was a non factor. The wide receivers are actually better than last year in talent and depth. The QB is as good as there is in the nation and by the time they are in any meaningful games he will be operating on all cylinders.
    The defense will be light years better as many of the guys who were learning on the job last year are back. The D line is eight deep and so is the O line with four and five Star talent.
    But let me get this straight. Michigan lost their top three defensive players. The same guy who coached the defense that gave up 62 to Ohio State is still there. The offensive coordinator has never called plays and they are learning an entirely new offense but they are ranked higher. Alrighty then. Makes perfect sense to me.

  21. Thurr's alreaday an unbeaten team since '14.

    Last year's peach bowl anay1?

  22. Omg you have Ichigan higher than The Ohio State😂😂 bruh what a joke lmao

  23. Washington at #17 just saved me the remaining 8 mins 🤦🏾‍♂️

  24. Army over MSU I don’t think so


  26. I'm a Nebraska fan and I approve of the preseason ranking

  27. Nebraska is soooo overrated

  28. He really put *ichigan above Ohio State.😂 You obviously didn’t watch the game last year

  29. well miami and florida should be off ur list now

  30. Wow. So you are saying PSU is the 7th best team in the BIG? If PSU is worse than Florida and Miami it will be a long year.

  31. UCF > notre dame before milton injury last year

  32. As a USC fan this is embarrassing 🤬🤬🤬. Fire Clay Helton.

  33. I don’t agree with a few of these teams but the bulk of it I do all together nice job

  34. he is ranking the teams as to where he projects their final win-loss will put them, not how good they are.

  35. Where is Penn State? Not even top 25 wow

  36. I kept waiting and waiting for penn state and they never showed up……

  37. Michigan over OSU is an absolute joke

  38. this man really ranked michigan over ohio state. smh

  39. Klatt Tweaked By Not Putting Wisconsin In The Top 25 😑

  40. Florida State will bounce back, starting Saturday. Clearly Florida isn't good so they could go 12-1 this season because Clemson is still better. The Seminoles have a way better offensive line and more weapons on offense to go with a great defense.

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