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John Bolton talks to USA TODAY | USA TODAY

Three takeaways from USA TODAY’s interview with John Bolton.

Susan Page, who sat down with John Bolton for the first print interview for his new book, “The Room Where it Happened”, talks about what we learned.

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  1. John Bolton, a lying genocidal neocon PoS, has been floating around in the Deep State cesspool in DC for years. John, the genocidal warmonger extraordinary, just could not get Trump to start preemptive wars with Iran, Venezuela, N Korea, Russia, China, et al. Poor, pathetic John Bolton is now a grotesque Deep State zombie staggering around peddling his book of lies about Trump. It's all over now, John, RIP.

  2. How much is he paid to interview this pathetic swamp rat?

  3. Not a fan of this guy but I wouldn't be surprised if he could back up everything that he has written in his book just like Omarosa. Don't comment too soon!

  4. Don't choose The most idiot and rasist president in the world. *I can't breathe * slavery time must be changed. ther is no cheng without stragl. The name of Whit hause must be changed in to black and whit hause.USA back in to cromagnen time.

  5. Bolton is a liar and a deplorable man! Wow, does deplorable remind you of someone else!

  6. Bolton, a completely discredited idiot and you say “explosive book? 🤣

  7. Really nothing we didn't suspect about trump, just have an eyewitness account now.

  8. The unpredictable can be predictable sometimes.

  9. Why is Assange in jail, or Snowden hiding, and not this looser?

  10. John Bolton is no liar but he is not patriot either for putting profit before patriotism. He is a traitor

  11. When John Bolton was a member of the Bush regime he dutifully served Bush helping to kill millions of brown-skinned people in Iraq and other places. They spread hundreds of tons of depleted uranium over the earth which is still killing and causing endless suffering. Bolton is a traitor, a lier, and a monster, the perfect sime bag darling for the globalist socialist media. Bolton was lucky Trump gave him a chance but it it soon became apparent that ex Bush regiime war pig Bolton was a military industrial banking plant and Trump fired him. I listen to the venum USA Today spews endlessly about President Trump who most of the American people voted for. You got nothing but lies insults and hate. You liberals may think that rioting looting and killing people will persuade Americans to vote for a democrat but it won't I'm voting for Trump again he's the best president we've ever had.

  12. hahahaha Trump is an idiot.The world points at him and his followers and laughs.

  13. Joe Biden thinks John Bolton is Michael Bolton and he likes his music.

  14. I love it! There are so many cry baby Trumpanzees on here and they are whining just like the orange faced draft dodger does. Wah wah wah! C’mon. Cry baby cry.🤣

  15. Narrator lady needs to desperately rethink her eyebrows

  16. Why is it John Bolton is the only ex Trump worker to call him bad?

  17. The best thing that could happen to Bolton is he's forced to testify to Congress, he commits perjury and is tried, and loses all of that book money to his lawyers and/or on the basis of it being proceeds from a crime.


  19. The publication of Bolton's book was a legal mistake. Every book violated the law. No legal base. Bolton broke the law.

  20. Republicans have no back bone when it comes to rejecting authoritarian leaders.


  22. Get it for free online this guy started Iraq war .

  23. Bolton is another neo-con nutcase who wants to bomb every country that could be dealt with diplomatically. He is cut from the same cloth of madmen who got us into the mess we are in today thanks to the misguided Presidency of George W. Bush. Bolton is just bitter because Trump had enough of his madness and fired him.

  24. But Bolton's NSA disclosure, violating his oath, War Crimes in Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan, Guatemala , Nicaragua, Syria, Iraq, and countless more, Bolton was perfectly fine with committing those war crimes and international espionage crimes … I SEE

  25. Let's hear it Trumpies Bolton is a libtard? A Commie?

  26. I have never been a Bolton fan, but he's got my attention! Most people that work with him say, he's a war mongering right winger but even he can't take anymore of Trump.

  27. Bolton wanted another war over there thank God Trump got rid of him

  28. John Bolton and James Comey are the Biggest cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 babies in America.

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