Sunday , January 17 2021
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John Kerry: Paris Climate Agreement ‘Has To Be Stronger’ | NBC Nightly News

In an exclusive interview, former Secretary of State John Kerry says he’s on a critical mission as President-elect Biden’s newly named special presidential envoy for climate.
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John Kerry: Paris Climate Agreement ‘Has To Be Stronger’ | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Post the full video !!!!! BS

  2. 12cars .7houses private jet . owed What a pompous jerk . this should be asked in Interview the so called news is what trump claims it to be fake news hIs the imprint on the earth is Quite extensive

  3. "clicking on that button down here 👇"
    🤭 that's what she said 2:02

  4. Tear down his dirty planes. Then hang him. Hang them all.

  5. So he wants to rejoin the Paris climate accord, give them trillions more of our tax dollars and rub elbows with world leaders from china and Russia. How is all of this going to prevent floods, drouths, forest fires and hurricanes?

  6. Hey Kerry you are a loser debate Former President Bush.

    This is a dirty loser group only know to betray USA. They all retire only USA citizen
    Sorry nobody tell biden he is a USA citizen and will get Trump stimulus package in December

  7. Its a big scam along with all the FAKE ding mob news, it will never happen! Trump will rain for the next 8 years so he can complete clean house. Count on it, you all are done!!

  8. John Kerry was conducting treasonous illegal U.S. foreign policy with an enemy during Trump administration and obviously in Civil War Two would be a high value target. I hear stranger Patriots say, as I gather information for my book. I do not want to know sources names. They say AOC made lists of Trump supporters to punish or destroy. So patriots made lists of first to go in war. Communists will not occupy White House unless they win the War. That ain't happening. Some can't wait for organized killing to stsrt to cleanse U.S.. Blue states are isolated will be cut off of food supplies ports blockaded chem trailed with year gas. Starved out in days one at at time. Using Roman divide and conquer and Sherman scorched Earth starve them out tactics.

  9. Fix the climate.
    Yeah, right.
    Money and time wasting idiots.
    The climate IS gonna change, and there is nothing humans can do about it.

  10. For years people have complained about foreign intervention in the US but this obvious Foreign agent from the UN is wanting more intervention in the day to day lives of the citizens. Treason is the word that comes to mind when I think of these asshats.

  11. Funny how education level separates people on so many issues. Used to be that Dunning Kruger was less of a thing.

  12. Election fraud 2020 Beijing Biden

  13. NBC is RACIST. They are making derogatory comments about HISPANICS
    because MEXICO and other LatinAmerican countries have not recognized
    Biden. Look at the recording by Project Veritas on CNN to see CNNś
    racist rant against HISPANICS.

  14. Wow he still has a lot of thick hair for his age! So many bald men are jealous of him.

  15. Upar niche k moo maryal

  16. I am the Messenger of God and my message is death

  17. To the world repent now or forever burn only you can decide your fate

  18. Where is Hunter???

  19. 17 states join texas lawsuit against swing states an committee denies recognizing biden as pres elect as they cant go ahead of electoral process

  20. Smart politician Kerry.👍😀

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