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Johnson and Johnson ordered to pay $572M in opioid case

A judge in Oklahoma ruled in the landmark case that the corporate giant had helped fuel opioid addictions in the state. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2HtsS0h

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  1. What a load of bullshit. No one gave a shit until a ton of irresponsible white people started getting killed by their own stupidity. When black people had Crack Cocaine shoved in their neighborhoods, you all said personal responsibility and lock 'em up. Now that it's whites committing crimes, becoming addicted like losers, its all about sympathy and making companies pay…You people are all hypocritical shit….No wonder Amerikkka is a shit hole and a laughing stock to the world now.

  2. This is bull shit, steal from the s and it’s our fault we’ve the junkies. So where is the damn money where is the pain killers? Hello thieves!!! Prison or dead!!! That means you!!!

  3. That pedo George P. at the end of the video went on Epsteins private jet plane the Lollita Express.

  4. This is stupid, this is why all drugs should be legal, let the stupid people kill themselves

  5. We need to hold more conglomerates responsible for things like this, The next case should be insulin and the fact that the prices are so high or insurance companies are refusing to pay for this life saving medication.

  6. None of that money is going to the victim's it's all going to the state to open up million dollar treatment centers that will cost thousands and thousands of dollars to get into that no one can afford

  7. How many times did they say Johnson in the clip?

  8. How annoying people are responsible for there own addiction should I blame Newport because I enjoy smoking Smith

  9. Where is the money going to go?

  10. How about get rid of all meds. Feel a little pain at least you will know your alive and there will be no one to blame. No morfine no Tylenol 3 no oxicotan.

  11. Nearly 600 million awarded and not a single individual to spend even 1 second in prison.

  12. Oh the irony,first you lose your son defending the opium fields in Afghanistan and then you die from an overdose from the same fields.

  13. Will BASF das nicht Kaufen, Dann Haben die noch 40000 Anwälte im Nacken,Hahaha 🙂

  14. if you want to save more lives Sue the alcohol companies

  15. My family has been ravaged by alcohol

  16. Heroin has been on the streets way before this ever hit doctors offices if you want to really save Live start with alcohol it kills more people than this I know because I've had lots of family member and Friends die from alcohol .alcohol is addictive deadly I don't know why they don't talk about alcohol when you cut all these people off their pain medicine they're going to drink themselves to death oh and let's see the alcohol companies that have killed my family members each and every alcohol company that has killed somebody needs to be sued

  17. Even if the $ is but a drop in the bucket it s about fucking time they are held accountable.

  18. Why should drug companies have to pay for people's stupidity? Why should people that need the pain meds and follow the directions have to suffer with pain because people can't follow the directions? You have to abuse the medication to become addicted.

  19. But opiates are the only thing that actually works for PAIN ….so what are we going to use now? Ppl are just going to suffer….stupid

  20. I call BS , Dr prescribe them , Idiots abuse them , , Should we sue the Dems for every Herion death since they want open borders? , people knew they could get addicted but did it anyways,

  21. Once agin the Invisible clan is cleaning up; With no concern at all of the millions of people who are forced to suffer from chronic pain, so that the lives of ???? well I guess it does not matter who; its not like they will see any of this money, and I am sure for the most those being saved are on to illicit drugs..
    On the bright side those truly suffering from chronic pain still have the black market to get their pain medication….
    On the sad side now we have many choosing to die because now they are labeled addicts….
    I wounder if this has anything to do with the increase of law enforcing officers committing suicide… Performing a back busting job with no management of pain without being an ADDICT? for what??? so this invisible clan can have a merry Christmas…..

  22. Are we just going to forget about all the people that helps

  23. That fuckn judge uses percocet him self

  24. I am still trying to understand why they are being sued…. they made a product aka a drug that is to help people with pain then people take this drug and abuse it and they must be responsible because people are addicts?! It’s like I make orange juice that’s filled with vitamin C and people decide to drink too much orange juice and they get vitamin c toxicity…. it just doesn’t make sense… what we need to do it start treating pain in a step UP manner and have a few pain management specialist who deal with chronic pain and limit patients to how many doctors they can visit for pain so that way they have one or two doctors who are in liaison overseeing this patient so they can monitor and ensure the patient isn’t addicted simple….. if it was an antibiotic that gave a high would we tell the drug company shame on you for making antibiotics to kill bacteria and making our son overdose on it and die…. these victims families are just in denial and grief and looking to someone else to blame for their relatives poor decisions

  25. Stop taking 5-6-7-8 pills at a time and trying to drink with them!!! It’s not the companies fault people misuse the drugs

  26. Everyone who gave themselves cirrhosis of the liver should get together, blame the liquor companies and sue!!!

  27. Well if people take the medications the way their Drs prescribed them they wouldn’t overdose!!! I’ve been taking opioids since my surgeries and nothing has happened to me and nothing happened to anyone who takes them the way they’re prescribed!!! You take too many pills of any kind and you’re going to overdose

  28. J&J will eventually be brought down due to the multiple upcoming, state-by-state, law suits!

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