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Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $500M in opioid suit | ABC News

An Oklahoma judge ordered the company to pay more than half a billion dollars for contributing to the state’s drug epidemic.

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  1. Money bought them a get out of jail card. As many people who died from this opioid crisis they should have had been thrown in jail.

  2. Lol $500M 😂 Just another drop in the bucket

  3. Should have made them paid at least $20 billion

  4. I don't feel sorry for drug addicts, we were all given fair warning in school what drugs would do to us.

  5. Everything that happens is always someone else’s fault. Weak
    people always want someone else to pay for their own incompetence.  Who opened your mouth and forced a pill down
    your throat? Now everyone who buys medications will have to pay.

  6. so johnson & johnson will have to increase sales of pain killers to pay the fine……oh and they can write off the legal expense and the fine on their corporate taxes………

  7. You know what though. This is good for my AXSM stock and The USA in general. AXSM is going to put these fools out of business. I hope, my betting money is in and it is on AXSM.

  8. They used to put heroine dealers in prison, now the put them in a nice office building on 5th Avenue. There is no more room to lock them up because the Jails are full of marijuana dealers. The USA is not really as good a place to live as it is made out to be.

  9. Making Johnson & Johnson pay 500 million is ridiculous. I was on opiates for four years because of a fall and broke my leg in four places. I never over took my medication I knew that the meds could be addicting so I made sure to take them like my doctor prescribed. If you over take the meds then it’s your fault that you are addicted not the company. Because people can’t do as they are told will hurt the people that actually follow the doctors orders. They need to find who is selling the pills in large quantities, which doctor is writing fake prescriptions or which pharmacy is selling them out the back door. I winged myself off my medication and haven’t taken any in months.

  10. So they can be sued because of the opioid problem.. but nobody going to jail for all that cocaine found on that ship??

  11. This shit made mom into a junky who was always on edge when I was a kid.

  12. People are starving and living on the streets mostly cause of drugs aka opiates while these company’s have enough money to feed and clothe everyone in the world.

  13. Marines are guarding the poppy fields of Afghanistan right now. Talk about hypocrisy.

  14. I would like to say that there is NO WAY (MOST but NOT ALL) people, taking this oxycodone, oxycontin, or any other pain medication used for severe pain did not already know that it was habit forming or addictive. It says it in the paperwork you receive from pharmacies. YES they should be held somewhat accountable. Some of the same people on here saying YAY…have either taken it and abused it, or even sold it at times for money. I was addicted to pain medication twice in my life. It was a very very difficult time and my life. One of the most difficult times in my life actually. Thankfully I realized I had a problem and got help. 1st step to getting over a problem is realizing you have one. You can't tell me that when you stop taking the medication and break out and cold and hot sweats have migraines or complete body aches all over can't think straight can't function that you do not realize that you are not addicted. Do not get me wrong I'm not completely taking up for these drug companies, however, I am saying that some of the same people on here commenting yea as far as the lawsuits are guilty for taking them at some point in their limes knowing they were addictive or habit forming but not caring. People go to doctors complaining of severe or moderate pain get perscribed these medications and then continue to do so over and over…. Knowing that the car accident they had 15 years ago left them with a couple chipped vertebrae his that may cause them some pain and their day-to-day life but nothing so severe that they have to take something like this but yet they choose to. And yes understand that there are a lot of people out there not strong enough to admit they need help and that do not get the help. In most places and cases help is free to get you just have to want to get it.

  15. Here in Sweden we have problems with opiods aswell. Doctors are prescribing them to left and right and people get addicted. Have a friend that takes way too much oxicontin. Really sad. I've also eaten them, finally I was at 300 mg per day . Asked to be put to some rehab and slowly quit, took over 6 months to get rid of the medicine. Never again!

  16. Can’t blame illegals for this. Nope.

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  18. So if sold on a massive scale you buy your way out but if a drug dealer sells 1 and kills 1 they go to jail for 25 years makes sense

  19. Pain medicine is for people that are in pain. You can't blame a company. The Drs prescribe it and i don't think you can even blame them. They don't tell people to abuse them.

  20. Pain medicine is for people that are in pain. You can't blame a company. The Drs prescribe it and i don't think you can even blame them. They don't tell people to abuse them.

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