Wednesday , June 23 2021
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‘Joker’ Smashes Box Office Record Despite Controversy | NBC News Now

Ahead of the “Joker” movie release, there was concern that the film could inspire violence because it depicts a mentally ill mass murderer as a hero. Senior editor at Dateline, Dominic Patten, explains the controversy surrounding the film after it brought in $93 million in its opening weekend.
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‘Joker’ Smashes Box Office Record Despite Controversy | NBC News Now


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  1. Reads this title
    Isn’t that good? I mean, because it’s in spite of the NPC’s this movie did so good.

  2. NBC news is fake haha what crap

  3. NBC news is fake haha what crap

  4. Great movie. Great acting. Great meaning. The whole world relates.

  5. Jesus, the dislike to like ratio LMAO

  6. The more the PRESS HYPES this narrative the more dangerous things get. Not the movie !

  7. The leftist media Is losing its grasp on the Public and it is so funny to watch them squirm.

  8. Violence?! The few people that he killed? These media machines are so biased and unconnected to the real world.

  9. Just reported this video because it is about JOKER

  10. Fake News worried about security. 👌🏿

  11. Sad day for media… 😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🖕

  12. This is why trump will win again. People are sick of media lying and crucifying men

  13. I knew someone who used to work for a well known magazine, (still in circulation now) her first job…Making up letters from readers, (and writing replies) and fake scandal stories to put on the cover. This was over 10 years ago, so I'm not really surprised by the quagmire of falsehoods that passes for "news" now.

  14. How many movies that came out with violence

  15. I'm very pleased the movie was a huge success in spite of your fear-mongering attempts to stop it from doing otherwise.

  16. The media was hoping for it

  17. Media salty they didn't get that mass shooting they wanted so badly

  18. Wow these clowns really wanted a mass shooting

  19. Whats controversy? This is just fear mongering plain and simple. Literally nothing has happened that justified this being on the national news.

  20. John wick is the living embodiment of what the left hates. So isn't hypocritical that they're talking about violence in this movie?

  21. “Hears a funny thing… the numbers rose 🌹. Hehehe”… hey yang just show me the money 👍🏽👌🏽✌🏽✊🏽

  22. I think the "controversy" spread out by the media contributed in increasing the box office number.

  23. There is no controversy. It's entirely fabricated, as most are.

  24. MSM still salty over this movie still trying to push the controversy they created

  25. I just saw the new Joker movie. Wow. Nothing like any of the others at all. You really get to see a person descend from sanity into insanity. It's presented in a manner that is easy to understand and receive. The hypocrisy of human societies and especially Western government is put in the spot light in this movie. Those things are supposed to be enlightening, public serving, caring, and a lot of other things. Instead, they are a hypocritical mess of conflicting, uncaring, and self centered people, societies, and governments who reward greed. Western values, society, and Government are not much better than the monsters people are supposed to be opposing. This movie is a very contemporary reflection of modern problems and how it can drive people into madness. No wonder people are snapping and shooting-up playgrounds.
    Gun violence is a symptom of social ills; not their cause.

  26. Media created controversy. The film is just a film and the audience understands that. Only one having a delusion is the media.

  27. Controversy made the film bigger.

  28. So those anchors want a mass shooting?

  29. idiotic media made this film even a bigger hit. Loved the movie.

  30. It's amazing the contrast between these comments and the video, the chasm is clear

  31. This is why this movie is so great,

  32. This movie is successful, because the hatred normal people have for scumfucks like you.

  33. Maybe it’s because it’s a good movie…

  34. I went to see the Joker beacuase of Pheonix….. so

  35. Why tf is she yelling there is a mic on her darn shirt geez. Use your inside voice please ma'am.

  36. Just finished breaking bad. About to go start a meth lab see y’all later

  37. 2:23
    OMG someone from the media gets it!
    The movie is about how crappy we treat
    mentally ill people.

  38. Just about every movie and tv show has violence in it. It's ridiculous they are making a big deal out of this movie. It's art.

  39. AMERICA is a VIOLENT, racist, bigoted, uneducated society. dreamy

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