Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Jon Ossoff Accuses Sen. Perdue Of 'A Pattern Of Misconduct And Self-Dealing' | NBC News NOW

Jon Ossoff accused his opponent Sen. David Perdue of “a pattern of misconduct and self-dealing” by engaging in insider trading after receiving coronavirus briefings during a press conference in Atlanta.
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Jon Ossoff Accuses Sen. Perdue Of ‘A Pattern Of Misconduct And Self-Dealing’ | NBC News NOW


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  1. Covid19 pandemic is a lie to take away your freedom

  2. That because he was saying the truth

  3. The future of America rests on GEORGIA. If you want the status quo to change for the better vote for Ossof and Warnock and depose Mitch. He has held every positive legislation hostage for over a decade. Kentucky has done too much damage to America by sending Mitch every time to the senate.

  4. A view from Canada. We love going to go to Georgia and spending time on the Georgia coast. It would be great to see a competent person like Jon Ossoff elected to office rather than a self-serving politician like Perdue.

  5. Georgians, please VOTE BLUE on or before January 5th, 2021! Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock are very important characters in today's politics!
    Republicans definitely need a break! A cleansing break! They will need 8 to 16 years to have re-created themselves striving for the true values of the GOP.

  6. I agree with the Republicans telling Republicans not to vote Republican in Georgia.

  7. This Dem crook must be DEFEATED!! This country has had way too many deceitful and belligerent Democratic lunatics!!

  8. How can you even be so dumb and prefer Perdue over Ossoff?

  9. If I had done a fraction of what Perdue as a lowly securities dealer I would have been fined, sanctioned and barred from my profession a the very least.

  10. Because of the Classified Senate Intelligence meeting attended by Perdue prior to the major pandemic outbreak, he knew Las Vegas would be hit really hard by Covid-19 and that is why he dumped his casino shares and started buying up shares from pharmaceutical companies. That tells you everything you need to know about where Perdue's allegiance is. Even FOX news said at the time it was really suspicious.

  11. Neither of the GOP candidates in GA care about the people. They are lining their pockets with profit from the advance notice they had about the stock market and COVID. Why isn't that illegal? GEORGIA PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR THE GOP CANDIDATES THAT JUST WANT TO PROFIT AND HELP THE RICH. AMERICA IS CIRCLING THE DRAIN. VOTE BLUE AND STOP THE CORRUPTION!!

  12. That's be the pattern of the entire Republican-QAnon Party.

  13. Ossoff reminds me of Pete Buttigieg

  14. Bun out de sinners dem 🔥🔥 Georgia get your act together and do what they do in Mortal Kombat( tm) and "" Finish Him""☠☠☠☠☠

  15. The choice is between two corrupt candidates and their opponents, It's up to you Georgia!

  16. Please Georgia vote Perdue and Loeffler out! Vote blue💙

  17. If all the georgains that believe the election was rigged would stop being hypocrites and stay home this would all be unnecessary! I live in Ohio and I donated to help the Dems win in Georgia and everyone else who can spare $5 should too this enriching themselves while living to you about the pandemic doesn't bother you nothing will!

  18. Help Biden with the Senate, help Our ourselves. We can see already the republicans obstructing help for the people.
    Let's take ole Moscow mitch out of the ( majority) leader.
    Vote for Jon, and Raphael…. ❤ Vote blue for me and you to get help….
    Free our government from Moscow mitch and the greedy, selfish, tax robbing republicans.
    Vote by mail. No cheating, suppression s, or intimadations.
    Privately from home.😍

  19. I hope Jon ossoff wins so bad. Please Georgia vote him in get rid of what you have now we need Mitch McConnell gone.

  20. Perdue should be jailed for his criminal acts

  21. This runoff is totally susceptible to fraud. I’d stay home republicans and not waste your time voting.

  22. Martha Stewart went to jail for a lot less…
    At the minimum David Perdue should be investigated if Jon Ossoff's claim was truth…

  23. Republicans are truly rotten scum!

  24. The 2 Republican Senators took President Trump conspiracy views over the officials and Republican administration. What Georgians were they representing? The people they have worked with for the past 2 years or a losing White House President?

  25. Newly released documents show that businesses with addresses at properties owned by President Donald Trump and the family of son-in-law Jared Kushner raked in millions of dollars from a program intended to save American jobs during the novel coronavirus pandemic.
    NBC News reports that businesses at properties owned by the Trump Organization or Kushner Companies received $3.65 million worth of loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which was passed by Congress earlier this year during the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States. @t

  26. Jon Ossoff is so pretty … as well as everything else; intelligent, moral, articulate, etc

  27. Voted for Ossoff and Reverend Warnock already. I hope Ossoff becomes the "comeback kid" after that Congressional seat in the U.S. House was stolen from him in 2017.

  28. I don't care about either the GOP nor the DEM. I do like Jon Ossoff. He has a a pair and will prosecute those who are corrupt.

  29. All Republicans are tyrants they're all doing this!!! Republicans are destructive and counterproductive they should remain a permanent minority of anything.untrusteorthy group of cons and racist

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