Jon Stewart: Lawmakers Sometimes Forget To Work 'For The People'

Jon Stewart, veterans advocate and host of “The Problem with Jon Stewart, discusses cynicism in Washington during an interview with Meet the Press. 

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  1. 🤣Ruling Class ppl like Jon Stewart aren’t real people..And we the people don’t need people like you trying to pull fast ones on us like we’re to Simple Minded to read between the Lines..

  2. Sadly, I use to respect Jon

  3. Watch the entire interview with Jon Stewart. Not just this clip. He said on MTP after the bill was passed 84 to 14 "there was a technical issue so it had to go back to the House. One sentence. No gimmick. Nothing was changed." What does he mean by "technical issue?" Something changed. Otherwise there was no need for a vote if it already passed.

    Don't listen only to the media you agree with. Read the Bill. It's easy to find. There were changes behind closed doors. They're done on ALL Bills by Reps & Dems since Bills were invented. They depend on our ignorance to take them at their words. Educate yourselves before aligning your judgements with just your favorite comedians and politicians.

  4. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022. Exploited ex-wife's death for funding and buried her on a golf course to save on taxes.

    The World think the 'Big Lie' was just 'Stupid Americans'. Vote suppression in any other country is illegal.

    Trump's $250 million election scam really puts Hunter Biden's $3 million Fox TV distraction in perspective.

  5. Sometimes? Until you get lobby money and bribes made illegal, you will never be able to get politicians to actually work for the people and not the $$$$$'s and corruption.

  6. Jon Stewart for president!!

  7. Once there elected they done care about them that voted for them until the next election

  8. Straight from the "propaganda" News Network, NBC News. Why don't they tell the real story about the Democrats putting 44 billion worth of pork in the bill that has nothing to do with helping the veterans and their families.

  9. Which is why they need term and age limits. Jon has been amazing for the 9/11 First Responders and Military and Veterans. Thank you.

  10. Career politicians are the true actual terrorists in America . Stewart forgets that Dems always put PORK in every bill to benefit themselves . Evil old scum in action . Tar and Feathers time ???

  11. the nonpartisan CBO has 2 different scores for the House bill and Senate bill, with a gimmick to reclassify $400B discretionary spending to direct This is all GOP Senators asked to take out

  12. We’re all being held hostage by the minority. Vote these disgusting republicans out!!!

  13. Thank you, Jon Stewart, for your continued support of our veterans. It is because of people like you that we are able to continue serving those who have served us. We appreciate your perspective and your willingness to discuss such an important issue on a mainstream platform.

  14. Tell the politicians to write a bill specifically for helping the veterans without adding 400 billion of pork spending that has nothing to do with the issue. That is the clever trick both sides do. Name the bill so everyone wants to support it then trash it with spending nobody in their right mind would support.

  15. Hey Stewart why can't Democrats send a stand alone bill for us veterans? Because they're crooked hearted

  16. Lets say there is a bill that funds something we all agree on. Then the republicans put in 400 billion dollars of unrelated money in the bill. Democrats say no and vote it down. Maybe that money goes to something conservative. That is what the democrats did. So blame them. Call for a clean bill Jon Stewart and it will pass.

  17. Last minute change and gimmicks prevented this bill. Then you people come here and lie, and say republicans hate veterans. Read the fine print. If it is a clean bill it passes.

  18. Make it a clean bill. It will pass.

  19. "Insulated and Isolated"
    Is the U.S. worth fighting for, anymore?

  20. I have no respect for you, JON you have no credibility. READ the Bill

  21. You can blame Chuck Schumer for blocking the amendment. Tumey understood that 400 billion dollars wasn't going to go to all the veterans. That money was going elsewhere. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE AND DO THE RESEARCH JON!!!!!!!!! READ THE BILL

  22. Why don't you read the bill !!!
    Nobody has a problem with taking care of the Veterans…
    But acknowledge the pork the Democrats stuck into it to take care of their personal wants

  23. Unfortunately it’s now by the politicians, of the politicians, and for the donors.

  24. Ted Cruz among the others do not deserve the air they breathe so freely

  25. If Congress won't support Veterans or Police Officers if they need long term medical assistance, then for the next "COUP", let those in Congress protect themselves and see how that goes?! 🤔🤣

  26. They are the executive branch WHO are supposed to represent the people NOT see how much of their money they can pocket.

  27. It's a disgrace what their doing to vetetans.

  28. Term Limits would resolve most of our problems

  29. All these idiots in the comments section didn't read the bill and see that the democrats through in a 400 billion pork belly to ensure they'd win the emotional heart strings of liberals and they wouldn't actually get any facts as to why Republicans voted against it. If people actually saw the dirty tricks of Democrats you'd see that they don't give a rats about the veterans burn pits. It's all about the pork belly

  30. Republicans: "We support veterans." ==> "April Fools."

  31. He's "correctly so" about it all. Total BS, all of it.

  32. Stewart should host a daily show. I'd watch for sure.

  33. Corrupt greedy politicians,banks and corporations will have us all homeless and starving. Revolution time!

  34. Sometimes?!?!! 😂🤦🏻

  35. Thank you Jon! People who live in WI: please note that Ron Johnson flipped-flopped on his vote, helping to BLOCK the PACT Act. He is up for re-election. Support our veterans by voting against him.

  36. A question to these Veterans: Don't they teach soldiers and marines how to communicate, interrogate and try to get people or whatever to get what they want? Use these military negotiation on these senators.