Thursday , January 21 2021
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Jorge's Weight Loss in Prison | 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined

Jorge dials in from prison to give us an update on his life behind bars under quarantine and his current relationship with Anfisa.

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  1. This tv shows should have been named as 90 days of bad luck🤣🤣🤣

  2. can someone please tell me why he is in jail? cus im confused

  3. yo not gonna lie he looks good in glasses he should wear glasses more often he might be able to get some girls

  4. She’s so toxic I felt so bad he was blinded by love. He deserved better. She honestly disgusts me.. she should be doing Time to get her pretty little attitude to use somewhere where it’s needed n wanted.

  5. There's absolutely nothing pretty about Anifa. She has big jowls, swollen lip and not to mention her nasty attitude. She's not physically attractive at all.

  6. Good on you Jorge, although you knew what was happening there.

  7. The thumbnail just changed but for me the thumbnail before was much better myopinion :>

  8. Damn, he deserves better, I am a guy and I am not gay, but I'd date him.

  9. With her: 🤮🤮🤮Without her:😎😎🤠😎🤑🤠😎🤑

  10. Fr bruh. In jail for weed. I’m surprised he didn’t smoke it all after dealing with Anfisa. I hated her from the very beginning. I really wish Jorge nothing but the best.

  11. Wait why did he go to prison

  12. Move on she notthing but gold digger

  13. Going to prison,saved this guy

  14. I’m glad you guys broke up because she wasn’t right for you she was a Golddigger and she was selfish and demanding so I’m glad you guys finally got a divorce and now you’re moving on with your life

  15. He looks like G-Eazy in the thumbnail.

  16. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱Anfisa though

  17. poor guy he deserves a woman that's as beautiful and treats him with the same respect he treats outhers

  18. What he ever saw in Anfisa heaven only knows. Better off alone. She was just interested in money. Best she be deported back to Putin-ville. That's my 30 cents worth.

  19. If Jeorge took the red pill and went MGTOW, he would of been self liberated and happy. Instead he took the blue pill, bad mistake.

  20. Keep in mind this guy went to prison for TWO YEARS for weed…

  21. Now he looks like he has lost weight.

  22. how long did he get in the can?

  23. I don’t understand how he couldn’t see what a user she was and is. Guess love really is blind.

  24. He needed this some ppl learn the hard way

  25. I don’t feel bad cuz he let it get to a point where she blocked him…you shoulda been sent her ass back she showed her true colors from the start 😐 tf

  26. The thing is, Anfisa never hid her true intentions. It didn't bother George that she needed money to feel comfortable and taken care of. He did whatever he could for her because he truly loved her. If she wanted something, he felt happy getting it for her. Yes she seems cold hearted, but maybe he likes that about her…..I feel like seeing her satisfied made him happy. But it got him in trouble.

  27. Who knew prison can can a person healthier physically

  28. that woman broke his heart and shoed her true colors of being a gold digger

  29. he is aspiring to be never take a simp line

    and never judge anyone with looks

  30. Yeah she was a gold digger but he also lied to her about his money

  31. It was meant for him to marry her and realize how much of a dumbass he really is and it took him to be in prison to value his health above all things.

  32. Feel sorry for him the time he really needed her she didn't care what happens to him

  33. prison life > relationship with anfisa

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