Saturday , November 28 2020
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Judge blocks rule that restricts green cards for immigrants on welfare

Citizenship and Immigration Services acting director Ken Cuccinelli discusses a federal judge blocking a public charge rule that restricts green cards for immigrant on welfare.

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  1. When are these judges going to be arrested for this illegal act, America first ! Stop these activist judges

  2. Hmm, for once I fully agree with Fox. These Federal judges don't write the laws, they interpret gray areas. It has never been the case where immigrants have (legally) accessed most of our Federal charity programs. You could make a case that we should do that before Congress, but it is certainly a judicial over-reach for a court to proclaim.

  3. They only oppose because Trump is pushing it and to feed their base of ignorant illegal aliens.

  4. It's PAST time for CONGRESS to DO THEIR JOBS!! There are too many old, perfectly GOOD laws sitting on the books. I say, Good for President Trump!!

  5. Swamp Judge. Dark to light.

  6. What a crappy judge. He should be ashamed of himself. We’re sick of these leftist loser, swamp dwelling, corrupt judges, pushing their politics on our rule of law.

  7. Self Sufficient means not needing an employer, food stamps, or any other assistance.

    Self sufficient means self sufficient. It does not mean dependent on us, or our tax money or any other.

  8. Deport Them All! finish the Wall MAGA USAUSAUSAUSA! Trump Pence 2020 To secure the border, once and for all.

  9. These are not judges. They are liberal hacks dressed in black and if Congress did their Constitutional duty they would remove them from the bench.

  10. Take notice of this commie judge's timing slamming it to us taxpayers while they witch-hunt our President. We will get even.

  11. The Dems with a blank check again. America can’t take care of their own but Hell yell, give the immigrants welfare. Stop the benefits and you’ll stop the droves of immigrants.

  12. The only work the Dems do it make more work for the Republicans and The Supreme Court. They're scum.

  13. Legislation from the bench yet again 😡

  14. Is the mega catapult ready yet?

  15. Oh SURE… Come across our borders illegally, take up public housing, government assistance, free hospitals, etc. all paid for by american taxpayers, then take the entry level jobs meant for Americans while you don't pay any income taxes into the system, THEN expect americans to be like "eh all good, it's the right thing to do"… We cannot even feed our own american children, and house american homeless, but whatever, let's just bring in another couple million illegal immigrants to the US so we can give them everything, screw americans, they're spoiled anyways… GREAT WORK Democrats/Liberals/Socialists, your plan is making american WAY BETTER than what Trump has done and planned for us… People make me sick!!!

  16. This is exacly why I will never help vote democrats into any position. Not even a job as a door greeter.

  17. Another Obama activist judge .. should have his bank accounts audited to see who’s payroll he’s on ?? Ridiculous

  18. Exactly what other countries demand. Ain’t no welfare for immigrants

  19. Sure, the votes, don't blame the immigrants, they were given a free ride, thank the Clintons?

  20. Democrats giving more and more reasons not to vote for them, they just continue shooting themselves in the head.

  21. Its time to get Rid of the POS Judges that do not follow the Constitution

  22. The Pres.needs to take everything to the Supreme court and sue those Liberal judges, politicizing from the bench.The American citizens should be able to sue these judges for not enforcing the immigration laws ,and usurping the will of the American people.They need to be thrown off the bench.

  23. I didn't vote for this judge. I want self sufficient immigrants. This s**t is 'taxes without representation' which I believe was one of the major tenets behind creating the Republic. Isn't this unconstitutional?

  24. These Democrat/Leftist judgez hate this country, the Constitution,and its citizens. They are making laws and rules based on their feelings. Meanwhile, the cost of the judges largess is born by the taxpayer and the needy who receive less because Democrat Judges are political and want needy voters to support and vote Democrat.

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