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Judge: ‘Intentional discrimination’ in Arbery trial jury selection

Host of the Law and Crime Network, Brian Buckmire, discusses Judge Timothy Walmsley’s acknowledgement of the “intentional discrimination” of an nearly all-white jury.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This trail is going to end well, God has never lost a battle or a case. .how ever it turns out ! God is a vendicater. So advice to the Mother, their is no higher court, than the Supreme Courts of heaven. .by the book from Amazon or used book store.

  2. The election was on the 1st. November, why didn't you vote those out who have been there for years, but are blocking justice. These corupt leaders reason within them selves concerning righteousness, self control, and the Judgment of God.

  3. What is the proper ratio of black and white jurors?

  4. So they should have stacked it with Black dudes?

  5. He knows what it is you don’t have to be a rocket scientist it’s normal practice for them

  6. Ahmuad is jogging in hell with his boots and a** on fire 🔥🥾🥾!!!

  7. How is stacking the jury not a crime? (Even in Georgia)

  8. Where will the commiecrats put up
    Armed Robberys statue?

  9. What about the OJ jury mostly black women that's ok

  10. This case shouldn't even be going to trial but of course that is the law a trial must be presented. But its plain to see that those two man with the help of they're friend roddie killed Aubrey in cold blood. Its not a crime for anyone to jog on a public street.Aubery did not commit a crime. He was chased down blocked in and shot to death because of those people's assuming there were no fact's Proven. All three are guilty bottom line the video proves it. So if they are acquitted that's like saying that it is against the law to jog down a public street.

  11. Case shouldn't even be aloud to be in that city
    the case should be moved to a other city ,if there ever going
    Have a far hearing

  12. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  13. The day when humanity looks past skin tone and only see each other as human beings cannot come fast enough.

  14. That judge will let his Quanon White Superminist kkk killer walk

  15. This is how the White Supremacist System Works. Just another day in America!

  16. Timothy Walmsley is a cucked out liberal.


    Shout out to tronald dump on 6 mos anniversary of being EIGHTY SIXED by the USA 🇺🇸 it took some tough love but he did it 👍



  18. In that court, Arbery will never get a fair trial.

  19. Declare the trial a mistrial

  20. Aggressive on THC? I don’t know one fucking person who isn’t totally docile on THC 😂

  21. This has already set the presence for a mistrial

  22. The facts still remain that a mob of angry White men hunted down, falsely imprisoned, held against his will, did not permit to leave and shot to death – murdered in cold blood – a Black man.

  23. It’s not just a death, it was and is murder, The Murder of an innocent young man

  24. This is nothing new, Over 400 years, Only GOD can stop you all devils, That's why Coverd is here sayan

  25. Why does it matter if they had black jurys it would end up with a hung jury, and besides every defendant has a right to a Impartial Jury.

  26. Considering Georgia has less than 52% white, its rather strange they've only managed to have one solitary black individual on the jury. Even a simpleton couldn't miss the blatant racism.

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