Tuesday , June 22 2021
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  1. Jeanine👏👏👏👏NICE TO SEE YOU 💐🇺🇸

  2. Now, America has to go to Australian media to get ALL of its domestic news.

  3. Sorry judge but it sounds like your on CCP payroll? It was staged by Antifa and BLM so democrats can keep CCP Pelosi tried to escape because the laptops we all the corrupt democrats sc judges everything about what's been going on for over 200 years CIA runs NEWS NETWORK but nothing can stop what's coming God wins Pelosi tried to escape failed caught in the submarine which tried to assassinate with the misile launch the other year she was caught on the sane sub and VATICAN is no more she tried to remove him she didn't know that we have everything nothing can stop what's coming God wins for your sake judge i hope you're not one of them they will not be able to walk down the street Antifa and BLM were there to stop the arrests but then the national Guard's moved in to stop them escaping no where to run or hide

  4. They still have FOX as a home for insurrection.

  5. I pray that these big tech companies crash

  6. This is a safe haven for mobs & goons that fox news love…so keep living in your own fantasy world whilst your boss will be watching from far how you can turn a model democratic country like USA to a third world country…Putin/Kim must be very happy these days…their dreams came true because they've been successful using their useful idiot..😂

  7. These Liberal/SOCIALIST Are Showing America Their Future , Censoring Conservative Free Speech By Socialist Social Media/Big Tech Spinning Their Lies Of Potential Domestic Terrorists ….. It's All About Socialist Control ! Americans Know , This Was A Rigged , Dem , Vote Stealing Election ! The Dems Refuse For An Vote Integrity Investigation As Then The Vote Election Crimes Will Come Out !

  8. CIA paid FB is a data mining app. If you doubt that, just ask where do they get the money for the mega terrabytes of memory storage and servers required. You put your photos and those of your friends and they do facial profiling, biometric eye scans. They get your height and weight, dates and places visited and planning to visit…and you are pinned to the wall. Any idiot that uses FB deserves what he gets!

  9. big tech will never ban me, i don't play their game

  10. what are the odds a certain leader of germany and his followers would have complained about their ideas and opinions being censored?
    at least it would've saved them from a world war and the lost of millions of lives.
    maybe these people should at least see this as being saved from themselves

  11. They'll only loose half of their customers base. For goods. Not now but over the year.

  12. So is Fox News. Want to comment? Good luck!

  13. Silencing started with the mask mandates

  14. The Definition of Political Repression – The act of a state entity controlling a citizenry by force for political reasons, particularly for the purpose of restricting or preventing the citizenry's ability to take part in the political life of a society, thereby reducing their standing among their fellow citizens.

  15. This clown is going to jail for spreading election fraud lies. She knew they were lies, she spewed them repeatedly, she fomented an insurrection, now she'll go to jail for the rest of her life.

  16. What could big tech possibly get out of playing big brother? What could Biden possibly give them that they couldn’t get themselves. World domination? No, they are furious that they were called before Congress for a tongue lashing for abuse of power. So what do these narcissistic people do ?!?! They throw a tantrum like a 2 year old and show what power they do have by


  18. India gets it! Let's buy made in India! Not made in china!😁🇺🇸👏

  19. Hey Fox, instead of crying about censorship, why do you start a social media network?

  20. It's a free country, and these are private companies. They can ban who they want.

  21. They can block you but you can't block them. We need browsers that allow you to block these Big Tec platforms if you so desire. i.e. no Twitter or Facebook icons should be displayed on web pages if you don't want them. We now need parallel services in this regard. You should not have put up with the imposition of double standards and the stifling of opinion or debate. If your point of view is legal then leave it alone.


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