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Judge Napolitano reacts to Musk's lawsuit: Good shot in federal court

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses Elon Musk’s lawsuit against Alameda County due to the inability to reopen Tesla plants amid coronavirus.

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  1. Has anyone looked at heppa laws? You dont have to wear a mask…

  2. Come to Oklahoma and hire me😆🤣

  3. Musk should definitely pull production from California. There are many other states or provinces that would jump at the chance to be the headquarters to such an up and coming company. And it would probably be a lot less expensive to produce.

  4. Find a good dictator jail and throw her in with the rest of California dictators…

  5. Did he say don't worry what the people think !!.

  6. Isn't it amazing that all the hot spots or Democratic states just fascinating how it always happens in the Democratic states the broke ones the irresponsible ones the corrupt ones

  7. Common sense evades the liberal mind.

  8. Perhaps now that Elon Musk is a new daddy, he's beginning to see how much better for his family and business, conservative values really are. Perhaps Mr. Musk has just been red-pilled.

  9. Lorena Gonzalez is a dumb B***

  10. Wait isn't Trump a CEO? So isn't Trump the Trump of CEO's?

  11. Id move to if i was Mr.Musk..Mr.Musk lol im pictureing a Rocket shaped colon bottle…brilliant…

  12. First he needs to stuff this down Alameda county's throat in court , then move his operation out of their county and state ! California may eventually realize how heavy- handed their style of governance has been , when the only people left are illegal aliens and State / Local government lackeys !

  13. We have the right to stand up it is in the. Constitution period and point.

  14. Yep come to Texas Telsa leave California.

  15. 2 shockingly horrible comparison's, Beaches vs Buildings, and Elon Musk to Trump , Apples and an ORANGE

  16. This country was closed down to Flatten the Curve, which we did. There was never any order that said we would stay closed until there was a cure. Now Democrats want to keep us locked in until they decide if we are allowed to be free.

  17. who punched her in her mouth?

  18. Orange Con fraud BONE SPURS draft dodger lies hourly. Show us his taxes.

  19. He should leave California , just make sure the idiots that screwed up the State by voting for Democrats don't go with him. Sadly a lot of them have left already and they are in other States voting for the same stupid things  they did that killed California.

  20. TIL I'm smarter than Elon Musk.

  21. Here in Vancouver, British Columbia. So far we have only 4 people who have passed away due to COVID under the age of 60 since January 1st, 2020. The lockdown is still ongoing. Oh yeah and we have new daily cases of 33 people out of 5 million as well. And the lockdown is still ongoing. I think we are spending about 375million dollar each week for this lockdown.

  22. Napolitano is also as fake as a 3 dollar bill. Trump 2020!

  23. Can’t wait for Fox News to report on the day of the Tesla opening on how 600 Tesla employees get coronavirus at the Tesla facility.

  24. Wait… I thought Elon was bad because he got incentives for his companies from Obama, who bet big on Tesla and Solar City(now Tesla) and SpaceX. His companies mission to get the world on renewables and off coal and oil for the greater good and to prevent the devastation of climate change. The first guy who left Trump's economic council and called him an idiot is now a friend to the right. Wow you guys are so easily played.

  25. They are right about workers safty and elon is bad example in this case and he should be more responsable.

  26. Go Elon Go ! If you had followed most rules you may not have come this far. Listen to your own mind and heart. I will send bail money along with millions of other fans I'm sure would get you out of jail. I don't think they will even fine you. Work on Tesla employees. Work on!!!!!!!!!

  27. Elon, move to Georgia!

  28. That move out from california is not really possible unless the new state willing to fill in the "subsidy" part that tesla enjoyed in ca. Just saying

  29. This noisome governor is related to sainted greataunt Pelosi, or not?

  30. Did this b*tch seriously call one of the brightest minds in the last 300 years the donald trump of CEOs?

  31. Md. Musk have guts and is not intimidated with the dictators.

  32. Hey Lee Carter, Elon Musk is a billionaire business man. You're a know nothing. If Musk followed YOUR "conventional wisdom", he would be living in a 1bedroom apartment. Instead, everything he touches turns to gold. He NOT stupid, I'm sure he would take every precaution, in allowing his employees to get back to work (in Texas). America is not going to hide away, waiting for CORVID-19 to be completely wiped out. You want to hide, stay home! The rest of us have rent, mortgages, children to raise, as well as bills to pay which go along with living. Americans have the ability to get back to work, and do it safely. We are intelligent, crafty, and wise enough to figure it out, without tyrannical big brother stomping on our liberties. Either politicians open America back up, or Americans will do it anyway. The politicians work for us, they don't get to invent laws that America doesn't want. The Constitution protects our inalienable rights to live happy productive lives.
    God Bless America 🇺🇸
    Trump2020 because now,
    we need to make America great… again✌️🖖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  33. California is more toxic than the Virus. Americae esse delendam – Cato

  34. He should just pull out of California. He needs to just move his operations to Texas or Nevada. He will save a lot of money in long run.

  35. He needs to reopen if not move

  36. Ala "made-uh" that is hilarious.

  37. Dear Judge… I still pray for you.

    "Sin" = transgression of The Law, but which Law is Stare Decisis?

    What is the Legislative Intent of "The Law"?

    Bless you, brother. Bless you.

    If they dont recognize God's Law, why would we believe they would keep or recognize anyone's law?

    Truth isn't as subjective as we might be want to believe.

    Shalom, Peace.

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