Friday , November 27 2020
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Judge On Controversial Guyger Hug: ‘We’re All Human’ | NBC News Now

Judge Tammy Kemp who presided over the Amber Guyger murder trial has come under fire over her controversial decision to hug Guyger after she was sentenced for the death of Botham Jean. NBC News’ Morgan Chesky sat down with her to learn why she stands behind her actions.
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Judge On Controversial Guyger Hug: ‘We’re All Human’ | NBC News Now


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  1. Lord Jesus ~ I give you thanks and praise for this amazing example of a true Christian ~

  2. Witness Who Testified Against Amber Guyger Was Just Murdered – White Supremacy Strikes Back

    Cops Are Cowards

    When Should You Shoot A Cop?

    The Jones Plantation

    Why We Can’t Vote Our Way To Freedom

  3. You are going to get to know Jesus real well in 10 years.
    She is a bonified liar…period.

  4. I freed many slaves in my day. Could have freed many more if I could convince them they were slaves in the first place. Harriet Tubman

  5. I hope she's sanctioned or receives some sort of disciplinary action. The hug was TOO far! As a judge, she knows better than anyone else in that courtroom how her actions would be viewed. This was a murder trial. Sorry, she can't explain her actions away. There is no 'good reason' for her to hug a defendant in a murder trial. She was out of line…period! I wonder how many BLACK defendants she comes off the bench to hug. She is a fraud!

  6. nothing was fair about this case she should not have been on this case OK!
    keep your religion in church lady dont bring it in the courtroom

  7. She thinks conversation rules the nation. Her actions were biased and inappropriate and that's the end of the story.

  8. It’s sad in this day in age that a black man got killed in his own home while eating ice cream and the murderer who is white and blonde gets a bible from the judge with a hug and a light sentence. WHITE PRIVILEGE AT ITS CORE. SHAME ON THAT JUDGE. SHE’S A COLD BLOODED MURDERER WHO IS BEING PORTRAYED AS THE VICTIM. IF THE TABLES WERE TURNED.

  9. This Judge needs to be fired & indicted for not providing Joshua Brown witness protection.

  10. But why didn't the reporter ask why she whispered that she was surprised Joshua brown came? I thought that was odd…

  11. PTSS (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) still exists!!!🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. It's funny to think that Amber Guyger's defense team wanted the location changed because they didn't believe they would get a fair trial. Too bad they didn't get their wish. She would probably be doing twenty years. It seems blacks show a lot more sympathy towards caucasians criminals than they do their own.

  13. There should be a petition for her to be fired for showing impartiality towards Amber and not towards Joshua. This thing doesn't deserve to serve as a judge.

  14. She did right! God bless her

  15. The both of you (brother and judge) played yourself. Blacks or so called “African Americans” need to stop hugging and forgiving injustice. The killing of a man does not warrant a hug 🤷🏾‍♂️. The judge claim that this demon asked for a hug seems like a setup for optics. When amber guyger ask for an appeal are you still going to still feel enriched by giving that hug. In 2020 Blacks need to get back to understanding of we are better off separate and apart. Civil rights killed us a culture of people. I would not hug or forgive. An eye for an eye would be my thought process. In my opinion, forgiveness of murder should given by GOD not by me. Amber was given 10 years she might do 3-5 they will have her in protective custody then she will get released. That is if she does not win an appeal. The great thing is the universe has a way of delivering karma. Forgiveness cannot stop karma.

  16. Yeah would they have hugged Osama Bin Laden though? I guess not…

  17. My question to the judge would be if Botham would have walked in amber’s apt and killed her and lost at trial would she have given him a hug and a 10 year sentence .

  18. This is embarrassing adjudge getting off the bench to hug a murderer show me where she did that to a black murderer what do only white women cops get hugs that murder people

  19. The worst judge on this planet, she grinded her teeth and gave Joshua Brown an evil look because he testifyed for the defense, but a convicted murderer gets a VIP treatment & Bible hugs, all this is kind god-fearing compassionate Christian is all an act, she is by far worse than a rattlesnake. 👿👿👿👿Rest in peace Joshua Brown 🙏🙏

  20. There is no other video or reports that show Judge Tammy Kemp giving hugs, bibles, and lite sentences to murders in her courtroom! But for this cops who has proven to be a racist she gets all that smh! I bet if that was her son, nephew, brother or husband that it happen to she wouldn't be feeling that way!

  21. Hate should not be instinctual

  22. Why do we as black people always have to be the ones who bend over backwards first for them !!!! JUDGE YOU WERE WRONG !!!! You can’t explain this away !

  23. Judge you were wrong ! I challenge you to find a black man being convicted of murder and being hugged by the white family !!!!

  24. She was endorsed and bankrolled by the entire Dallas Police Department!!

  25. This woman is PURE TRASH!!!!! She needs to go!!

  26. What an awesome person. She saw the humanity that was needed by the people involved and took measures to help them. Maybe we need more judges to think like this and we may have fewer people going back to prison after they get out.

  27. Hypocrite! You hoped not to get the case and gave the murderer a hug. Smh

  28. But some of us are more human than others.

  29. prison reform with a white girl who killed a brother, all these people of color serving time for petty crimes, this judge is the problem fighting for our oppressor instead of fighting for the oppressed, she is a real class sellout

  30. I hope she doesn’t get interviewed by FOX News. They will exploit her kindness, and repackage it as a form of African American weakness.

  31. Boy, that christianity is worst than crack! The white man's tool to keep Blacks loving them more than your own! Slavery at it's finest!

  32. If y'all don't have some kind of faith that allows you to see the deep compassion and integrity this Queen of a Judge showed then you need to find something to believe in.


  34. she won't be a judge to long she'll be getting a network contract shortly.

  35. Just sicking. I look at her and see someone that's been bought and paid for.

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