Thursday , January 27 2022
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Judge rules against Johnson & Johnson in historic opioid lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson denied wrongdoing, but Oklahoma Judge Thad Balkman ordered the pharmaceutical company to pay $572 million.

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  1. What these elites are doing is as old as the idea of over population. Where the powers that be cull the herd, to thin out us the people with the idea that only the strong survive so it is all good. Not only does it not begin with some kind of comic book story line or movie as in "Endgame," It has been done since elites have seen population exceeds resources. This has been declared since the 1970's(the idea actually goes back in history to ancient times) when these so called people that care about us or the environment really care only about themselves in a winner take all, ala Ayn Rand philosophy. You know rise above societal norms or Christian Philosophy or any other religious philosophy of looking out for each other and adopt the way of a serial killer to off those who are in your way. I mean WTF! people look behind the curtain to see what the Hell you are voting for what the person you stand with is actually for, because these people would make a serial murderer blush with the body count they have, oh and absolutely no moral compass. Just Saying

  2. Good job scumbag lawyers, now the cartels can take over the opioids distribution. Ya, I can eat nothing but lard until I die, should I sue the company that supplies it? No, stop taking drugs losers.

  3. This is HORRIBLE! If a company is operating within the law like Johnson and Johnson was, they should definitely not be liable in court. This is the beginning of all kinds of lawsuits against…….your freedom. Next, they will go after big mac's, plastic straws, Budweiser, and Hershey's. We will all slowly be forced to eat tofu and dream of the good old days. Your ability to choose what you want will slowly diminish over time from here on out. That reminds me, has anyone noticed all of the concrete barriers they put up in the middle of the roads lately? My right to make a left turn when there isn't any oncoming traffic… also apparently diminishing.

  4. How about sue the psychiatric pharmaceutical companies for false advertising, pseudoscience, severe adverse effects, severe withdrawal symptoms as well as permanent brain and nervous system damage.

  5. I was addicted for 7 years, where’s my money? (Joking, I blame only myself)

  6. Today's lawsuit should have been a TRILLION dollars lawsuit. These pharmaceutical companies corporate board members should be responsible to testing their medicines rather than the end user. Test your brakes, NOT my money…
    POLITICIANS: You're the alternate USER…. Especially your children/s.

  7. Okay getting to this court case in the money that involves here is my conclusion you are not going to be able to bleed out Johnson & Johnson because if you do it will come down in the future such a narrow basis of getting medications especially for people who are very vulnerable don't have a lot of Education and basically don't have a whole lot of money. Yes I see what went on and I know that somebody should get some money but the money should be distributed not a huge massive amount but over time. Because Johnson & Johnson did a wrongful thing probably indirectly not directly probably pressured by people that they've had to deal with two but we should never people on the line for someone else's dollar bill all pharmaceutical meds only a study and have been for centuries including the Old Testament personally Unfortunately today man creates more diseases that bombards people and they have to take medications better only studies that people put out

  8. Another crazy ruling by the US judicial system, given that J&J's opioids only account for one percent of total opioid prescriptions in Oklahoma !! J&J are simply an easy target to blame for endemic US drug abuse, and as with banning gun ownership, it isn't going to make the slightest difference to the criminals. When did you hear of a junkie who read the health warnings on their stolen supply of pain killers ?

  9. Hell no why is it McDonald fault if people love to eat? Back off socialists loving nanny states!

  10. That doctor was negligent. That is why he is so adamant to blame J & J…. to exonerate himself! Addicts themselves are to blame! It would be stupid to blame Seagrams or Budwiser for alcoholism!

  11. Now! We're gonna give local street drug dealers to make thier sales instead of corporations

  12. The "individual" customer should determine how much medicine is enough.
    Terrible that there are people who are not responsible enough to even take care of themselves

  13. Why give any government money? Bad idea.

  14. Duh…If there's actually a doctor that doesn't know opioid =opium product and is addictive when taken unnecessarly–that doctor should lose his license. And if drug salesman is a nuisance, he doesn't have to see him/her.
    Only opioid products work for severe pain. Put a red label on it that says OPIUM PRODUCT.
    AMA now has us required to pay $250 a month or more to see a specialist every month for certain chronic conditions just to get a script. Now genuine sufferers can't get time-released meds and must suffer the swing of effectiveness. The amount of meds given to drug stores each month is limited and sometimes unavailable. Those of us with genuine severe pain are sometimes undermedicated with big obstacles. Being sick and disabled on a drug where driving isn't recommended–but you must go out of town to a specialist every month and find a drug store every month on precise days. God forbid you get the flu or can't find a ride.
    Government is always making laws because individuals are irresponsible. Everyone pays in higher insurance costs for unnecessary rules and regulations.
    Arrest the drug smugglers. Arrest the dealers. Arrest the users.
    Blame the parents who let their kids get access to their meds. Blame the neighbor who doesn't call the police about drugs dealt on the corner or in a complex.
    Blame the education system if any American is so stupid as not to know that opium in all its forms is dangerous and addictive.
    Stop making it sound complicated.

  15. Millions of people live in chronic pain, and they are legitimate patients who need legal, responsibly prescribed pain medication in order to function as normal human beings. Without their medication, they can do little more than sit in a chair or lie in a bed, due to injuries, arthritis, bone conditions, nerve damage and other neuro-skeletal conditions. They are NOT drug addicts !! They are the legitimate patients under responsible doctor's care. BUT THIS HYSTERIA ABOUT OPIOID DEATHS OF DRUG ADDICTS HAS POISONED THE MINDS


  16. The problem is corn syrup .corn. syrup.corn syrup maufcaturesers

  17. WOW! first, you should know there is not only behaviour that causes people to go thru extreme suffering. there are many aspects, one of those is, I heard, addiction. the other one is unable to get rid of the med. due to unable to do it. the doctors are unable too. Western Health care system. There are also books written about how horribly hard they struggle to escape from these kinds of issues. There is not only opioid problem, but also an extreme way of doing the treatment in all field of health. As an example, you take an X-ray and the doctor sees what is wrong on the X-ray, but during the surgery they , by mistake, they do on the wrong side of the body. What I mean by this is we need to improve by not only listening to what the science says. Even if we want to go through science, we need to improve it. It needs lots of improvement.

  18. This judgement needs to be overturned. There is no law broken here. If you want social change start holding people accountable for their own behavior.

  19. I side with J&J on this one. People need to take responsibility for their own abuse of medication. I was prescribed opioid medicine, I followed the instructions, stopped taking it when pain was gone and no problem

  20. How CAN you say we did nothing wrong? People have written books about family member dying due to …These medications are very very destructive, I hope you will know how destructive it is. DO NOT SAY WE DID NOTHING WRONG? it sounds sataNiC.

  21. Good luck getting getting actual pain relievers for your chronic pain! Let’s blame the medicine instead of the idiots that abuse it! Good idea!

  22. I really hope this is the beginning of MANY LAWSUITS to come. Drug companies only care about profits at the expense of American lives. Money talks and I hope these lawsuits make them more responsible

  23. Car fentanyl from China are responsible for 95 percent of overdoses. Not doctor perscribed overdoses

  24. How $572 million for $17 billion lawsuit?
    What about the balance amount? Silent settlement deal🤗.

    If the lawsuit is genuine then why settled for $572,000,000?

    What HHS doing for opioid misuse? What assurance HHS gives removing drug sexing?

  25. The UN was in SLC (America) yesterday. Not Good. Lawlessness is nation wide hurting lots of American people behind the scenes taking away their rights, no doubt on the biggest scale ever. I know of 3 personally for the last 6 YEARS. Of course the Fake News won't report any part of that, the job is to suppress all the rights violations from the people, while taking down the country from within. Just like the news back then did report that would be done, right after the 911, 18 YEARS ago. The Whole World saw it. Proving that very attack never ended and is STILL ongoing,

  26. Slap on the wrist but this is just one state multiply this by 50 and add random class actions then it get big fast.

  27. I'm personally affected by this crisis how can I collect what is do? How many people have to withdraw from hamburgers and fries?

  28. These guys put El Chapo to shame. The only difference between these pharmaceutical companies and El Chapo is the use of violence.

  29. This is soo F….UP! The FDA should be hold accountable as well! They are the one that approved it!!!!!

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