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Judge rules NYPD officer accused in Eric Garner death should be fired

The judge called Daniel Pantaleo’s actions and 7-second chokehold reckless; the police union warned the court decision should give every officer pause.




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  1. Fuck the police unions. I hope the people rise up and destroy the police unions. They are the largest wedge between the police and the general citizenry. They really need to think long and hard about what side of history they want to be on here.

  2. When someone calls 911, however it gives no-one a right to Kill!!

  3. What was name of judge, who appointed him? Anybody guess he’s a liberal and a democrat.

  4. Well done for the nyc mayor for telking these killer officers

  5. Booo Hoooo whiners were they afraid of there lives.

  6. Way to back your officers NYPD leadership! Let the criminals run the city! F**ck it!

  7. There is something wrong with this WABC TV NEWS SITE. Today August 19, 2019 the Police Commissioner fired the police officer who killed Eric Garner and this site doesn't have any type of information about it!

  8. We have many officers who are Savages!! They especially do this to people from low income neighborhoods and think they can do whatever they please. It's time to crack down on those with "power trips" who abuse their authority. I am so, so disgusted. My heart goes out to Eric Garner's entire family. Peace and grace be with you all.

  9. Yes, he should go to prison, just like all violent people.

  10. Took them 5 years to come to the conclusion he did something so very wrong…. Unbelievable.

  11. He got what he deserved. When you break the law and get caught it helps to follow lawful order. That judge should just keep on implying the law and not worrying about people getting fired .

  12. Oh happy day he lost his pension and no badge wheee!!

  13. adios you worthless piece of shit !!!!

  14. Cops don't get fired, they're relocated, so I'll never believe that they're fired or jailed.

  15. A seven 7 second choke hold did not kill this man, being morbidly obese with all the complications that come with it as well as resisting arrest led to his death. The officer was in the wrong for performing a banned maneuver and rightfully lost his job, but pushing for charges is complete overkill.

  16. I'm with the police and I dont say that often if the guy would have just complied he would be alive….it is very obvious he did not in the vid a 7 sec chokehold and from what I see in the vid it was one arm the other arm was under his arm I hope the police go on strike then people like this judge will reminber y there are police this guy was involved in a fight in some way and cops were trying to detain him he refused to complied even when he had a cop on his back he refused it's very sad he lost his life but u dont get to tell a cop no get off me…when you are being detained..

  17. Fire his punk ass & now he’s a CIVILIAN .Watch ur 6 u punk ass motherfucker!!!

  18. Someone should strangle this fucking pig. See how he likes it

  19. Lol, he s going to be fire after killing someone. Man this is justice!!!

  20. Officer pataleo should be life in prison without parole and the family of Eric garner and the community should be lawsuit the city for the terrible distress that cause the family of Eric garner and the community that living in such a fear of something like this will happen again

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