Thursday , January 20 2022
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Judge to rule on $17B lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson

NYU School of Medicine Associate Professor Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil on the lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and the factors fueling the opioid crisis.

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  1. But there was over dueing on prescriptions and much harm was done! 😔

  2. my family member is destroyed from opioids

  3. johnson and johnson is worth over 400 billion!!!!

  4. Oklahoma bout to be rolling in them dollar bills

  5. The fall of another "woke" company! Just breaks my heart!

  6. If tobacco has no health benefits, as this doctor just admitted, then why isn't tobacco a schedule 1 drug?

  7. People have a choice. Cigarettes they advertised. So be their demise. But a drug who pushed it was it the doctor. Maybe people need to cowboy up and quit being pussys and pass on these drugs.

  8. Boycott Johnson! They are to wealthy already make them pay for theirs drugged America

  9. Sounds about white💊💉😂😳😰🤢😵

  10. The pharmaceutical industry is corrupt!

    This lawsuit will definitely help to make them clean up their act.

  11. Media and Government conflate Heroine with pain medication! More lies!

  12. There are natural painkillers out there. We don’t need artificial chemicals. Check our dr John Bergman. He’ll open your eyes to what’s going on.

  13. U.S. govt. suing J&J for stuff that Congress members use every day! Typical Dimocreep NONSENSE!! Dimocreeps JUST WANT THE MONEY!!

  14. At 33and 3rd % the lawyers that tried the case is going to make a killing and the actual victims will get pennies.

  15. When they're through blaming Johnson and Johnson they'll find another company, charity or government to blame. Once they've brought down every institution in the world, they still won't blame themselves.

    Of course they made a profit. If they didn't make a profit, they wouldn't exist. Even non-profit charities have to make money, it's a naming scam. The profits get channelled back in to the company to buy the staff who have ridiculous education loans to pay off. That's what happens when you take a real subject in college. The money also goes to fund future research, almost all of which will fail or be of no use. These aren't garages overcharging customers for unnecessary repairs. The drugs may cost little to produce, but a hundred million dollars to develop.

  16. Congratulations Fox.Great report.

    Serious stuff.

  17. Somebody kick cavuto in his tiny open border operative nuts for me please

  18. Of course they’re guilty! Blind man can see that. It’s all about the money 💰

  19. There is pain that these pain killers are needed.

  20. GUILTY

  21. J&J was an opioid pill mill… Its roll in this tragic epidemic was responsible for thousands of deaths while profiting from its victims…

  22. Opioids isn't the problem in Oklahoma, meth is

  23. Procter & Gamble should be fined more than $17B for those reprehensible gilette razor "commercials."

  24. Big Fish 🐟 Fry 'em up!! 🔥

  25. Sensible solution= ban opiods except for surgeries, breakthrough pain.
    Use kratom for pain

  26. So where is the freaking money going to? The government? That's just as stupid. Give it out as a tax rebate you greedy f***ers

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