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Jumping Jack Weight Loss Workout (10 Mins)

This Jumping Jack cardio workout is going to help torch some calories and get you sweating!

I love creating fun ways to help us with weight loss, as I am not a huge fan of cardio workouts like running. So, I decided to put together this jumping jack weight loss workout, that is only 10 minutes, that combines cardio and toning.

This may only be a short workout, but make sure to push yourself.

And remember guys, to see results, you must combine cardio with a healthy diet.



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  1. I see a lot of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets (search on google). But Im not sure if it's good. Have you ever tried using this popular diet plan program?

  2. Love this!!!! I'll be looking for more like this on your channel. thank you!!

  3. i just did a non stop work out that lasted 12 mins?!?!?
    imma do this every day, and by everyone in the comments,m pretty sure results are gonna come ( i hope )
    but dang i thought this would be easy just cuz i saw jumping jacks BUT DONT BE FOOLED LMAO
    my legs were burningggg ahhaahahaha

  4. Holly you kill me with this work out, I LOVE IT!! Awesome Job!

  5. OK, first time doing this😫.I wanna do this for two weeks to see where this goes.After two weeks,if this really works out,i wanna do for two months,will it work?
    Any tips😓

  6. Glad I came to this site; I started star jump in September and just lost over a stone. The only change to my diet is not eating food filled with preservative. I am not following this workout, but I am doing about 10* 4 star star jumps daily.
    I’m not too fond of exercise, but this exercise is good. Anyone trying to lose weight must do it. One tip is to pay close attention to the foods label when purchasing food. Enjoy jumping FWL.

  7. Damm u killed me, thank u 🙃

  8. Hi. Please. What IS better? IT or rope jumping?😮

  9. Ima challenge myself to do this three times in a row 4x a week. hope I stay consistent 😂😂

  10. Starting today 12th nov 2020, (58.3 kg) I’ll come back 🦾

    Nov 13th.. my body pains like if I did an hour of excercise 😆, I really feel in my body this excercise will work! 😁

  11. Omg this actually works gajsgshshssh

  12. Heya any tips for motivation? I started doing the Chloe Ting workout about 2 months ago but just lost motivation knowing it's pointless and i won't loose anything..I'm wanting to start again but just need support/tips through it 😖💗

  13. Im sorry but i cried doing the whole workout 😧😞 Im sad

  14. Who else is going to start work out to reduce the weight you gain during lockdown 😂

  15. Love the workout, not the music though

  16. Brah. Tbh i am actually proud of myself because whenever i do workouts i cant fully finish it so i did this fully and finished it so i am proud if myself.

  17. I’ve been doing this workout for about 1 week and a half and I feel like my back fat is definitely getting less , motivates me to keep going:)

  18. burned 80 cals. tracked with a fitbit!

  19. I´ve had quite a few rough weeks recently due to all of the work I had to accomplish and my eating disorder. I just felt dead inside. Then I saw this video and I tried it and yes, I was sweating, but I was smiling during all exercises – thank you for making me feel alive again <3

  20. OMG! I am so addicted to this workout!

  21. I always do this every morning before I do my modules to lost my belly fat and for my healthy body and its work I lost my belly fat and now my body is in perfect shape now thanks to you po.Always do this in every morning and also take a rest before you go on shower.

  22. I'm gonna add this to my daily exercise. thnak you! great exercise!

  23. my d cup said no to all the jumping lol

  24. Me: does a jumping jack

    My heart: if you don’t stop, I will

  25. This is easy but not for me Idk I really have fun and since it doesn’t have so hard moves I am doing it without pausing so yeah thank you so much

    I am doing it for like 4 or 5 days already I didn’t look at my measurement but I feel like I am stronger (a little) hope I will lose weight I am planing on doing this for as long as I can soooo yeaaaah hope you all lose weight and be healthy

  26. Is it okay if I only do this once a day

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