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Jury deliberates fate of killer in Ahmaud Arbery case l GMA

Steve Osunsami is live in Georgia with the very latest as the jury continues to deliberate the nine charges against Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Roddie Bryan.

Murder trial paints 2 different portrayals of Ahmaud Arbery:

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. God you always have to bring the race card. The only way you can make something racist all the time as if you are a racist..

  2. There was no self defense they harassed him chased him he open fired

  3. The video showed 3 of them shot him no justice

  4. Finally justice glad them white boys are going to prison … gonna tell your inmates yer innocent? Lotta cans of whoop ass are waiting lol !!! Amen 🙏🏽

  5. Lmfao the place wasn’t even your construction house yet alone your house

  6. Does anyone really think he was jogging?

  7. In an appeal they will win,Black Panthers and Al Sharpton won't be there with media too spout their race bullshit and then they will be pardoned,guarantee it,total sham trial period.

  8. Ahmaud Aubry had both hands on the dudes shotgun and was trying trying to take it away!!!

    Ahmaud Aubry was justifiably shot. The lynch mob are the jury that just sent three innocent men to jail because they’re WHITE!!!

  9. The neighbor, William Bryan, shouldn't go to jail. He didn't know what was happening and was just trying to be a good Samaritan. Sometimes liberalism goes overboard. What if next time people are chasing after a child molester, and people who can stop him decide to mind their own business or risk going to jail. That child molester may get away and molest more children.

  10. So glad the this ended the correct way down the path of facts and truth and not just letting racism win

  11. To all of you rats who think you're above the law, think again.. justice will be served in this life or the next

  12. A 👉🏼 (DEAD) 😂🤣🥃🕺🏻🎈🎉 Liberal Thug 💁🏿‍♂️ Is justice enough for us Real White 🇺🇸 Born Republican Patriots…

  13. William roddie should not be severly punished bcz he only heard one side of story and start recording on cellphone, if he didn't ran after them there would be no case and justice will never be served.

  14. Jail is not a easy place those guys or tru

  15. About the Death of Ahmaud Arbery it is unfortunate that it happened and I do not condone the actions that lead up to his death that being said tho the full story isn’t being shared MSNBC and CNN ABC even USA TODAY are saying he was a “black jogger gunned down by 3 white males for no apparent reason…” that’s not the case tho there is video footage of him multiple times on multiple nights sneaking on to a construction sight stealing tools when they caught him on the sight he ran and they followed in their trucks one man hopped out with his shotgun and Ahmaud tried to grab the Shotgun which lead to the shooting. Again I don’t agree with the actions that lead to his death but at least share the whole story of why it transpired don’t just straight up lie about it…

  16. Justice was done 😃 & I'm so happy about this.

  17. What appears to be overlooked in this case (as it was in the Rittenhouse shambles), is that if you need a gun to defend yourself, then you tacitly concede that you live in a fucked-up shithole. If you lived in a civilised country, you wouldn't need a gun. End of story. So, the gun masturbation lobby are basically admitting that the USA is a dangerous banana republic with every claim they make about 'self defense'

  18. Funny how Fox has no Coverage of this trial but they have full coverage of rotten house they praised that murderer Fox is the knee tucker klans men show racist news living in this day is strange but any ways Republicans have nothing to say on this either but praised a murderer rottenhouse crazy Fox has no Coverage of this trial as of the guilty verdict they stop covering after but if they would have won it would be full coverage facts i that national news was not racist shaping the minds of evil hate in there heart southerners in people from Wisconsin North Dakota South Dakota Arizona Texas Carolina Mississippi Alabama Arkansas yeah those racist ass areas seems to not wanna change and Fox News is feeding them hate speech every night

  19. Right verdict. Still sickening to see an armed militia threatening people going in and out of the courthouse. Completely unacceptable and dangerous to our society.

  20. These guys got the bad jury’s
    Not like our favorite friend with a power rifle
    Live in America love it or leave it

  21. Just a reminder that ghislaine maxwells trial is about to begin they want y’all to forget 🤷🏿‍♂️

  22. y'all chased him down and then he attacked y'all, i mean hell i would have thought i was getting kidnapped if i get chased by a car with armed people, of course he attacked y'all when u caught up, cause there's no running from a car

  23. Had Mr. Arbrey simply complied with these guys and waited for the police..
    Instead of fighting with them over the gun.
    He would still be alive.

    If they had shot him simply while waiting for the police, there would be no doubt to their guilt.
    Two wrongs don't make a right.

  24. Losers and suckers! By by trumpers your going to jail

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