Wednesday , August 10 2022


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#SkyCinema #CotswoldsVlog

I’m so thrilled to be a part of the Sky Cinema Club this year where I get previews of Sky films, to recommend my favourites to you. This month Charlie and I watched Last Seen Alive – watch the trailer here and let me know what you think!

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00:00 – Pilates Class & Garden Centre
02:15 – Hello Fresh & Daylesford Haul
16:00 – Summer Solstice & Errands
21:26 – Smoothie Recipe
22:21 – Gardening
25:21 – Going Live With Jade Beer
27:50 – New Garden Furniture
29:00 – Gardening
30:55 – Hello Fresh Dinner Recipe
32:44 – Flower Arranging
33:47 – Sunset Walk

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  1. Lol, Gerard "Dexter"Butler, love it. But, have to say that Dexter just pips him at the post in the handsome stakes!

  2. Hi Josie amazing video,thanks my darling 🥰😘🌹🌷🌺⚘

  3. Ok I’m breaking my silence! Does anyone else pronounce “mojito” like Josie does??

  4. 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 68 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼 ❤

  5. I love how his voice is deep, but hispersonality is a whole level, from sounding mean and rude, to actually being sweet and nice, ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘

  6. Josie I would love for you to talk about if you moved to the Cotswolds specifically because you had friends / family near by at all, or if you left most of your friends in london. My partner and I moved recently and so difficult to make friends as an adult! Any advice from you and Charlie I would love 🤍

  7. Gerard Butler is the Phantom on an old DVD. Very different for him but if you like him you’ll love it.

  8. Just had to say this was a soothig vlog! The last shots of you in your two piece in the garden with Charlie in the background and then ending with the doggies in the fields, just lovely

  9. Thank you for yet another beautiful vlog, my darling. Love how your kitchen garden is coming along. How wonderful and wholesome that you're able to eat fresh off your garden. If I had a garden like that, I imagine I'd be eating loads of salad every day. Just curious if you're able to use up all that you grow cos it does seem like a lot for just the three of you.

  10. No worries about (no make up today) just normal bare face is just fine.

  11. Tomatoes do best in pots. Don't put them in a bed with other plans or veg as they can get blight. And you need to use a special tomorite compost for them for them to be successful xx

  12. What a wonderful vlog. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!

  13. Where are your glasses from? 😍

  14. I loved hearing the beautiful piano music at the end of your vlog. Your garden is looking beautiful as well.

  15. Hi Josie, your first harvest from your kitchen garden looked very nice. Have a great weekend.

  16. Hello Josie, Broad beans? They are best sown in November “Aquadulce” is the variety to buy, but you must keep the tops pinched out to avoid blackfly attack. The tops can be steamed as a vegetable, so no wastage, but left alone the blackfly will damage your crop. Hope this helps!

  17. Very nice, Josie. Lots of love ❤ and light 🌞. from CL By TheSeashore 👣🩱👓🌞🐟

  18. My goodness such a relaxing Vlog . Simply a beautiful time spent with you . Thank you 😊

  19. Josie , you took me directly to London through your blogs !I just love seeing your post.

  20. Loved this vlog. I love seeing your garden. It’s really starting to produce now. Such an enjoyable vlog. 😊❤️🇨🇦

  21. please never apologize for your appearance! I promise none of us are thinking about whether you're made up or not, we're just happy to have some content from you 🙂

  22. Such a lovely vlog, thank you 💕

  23. Hey Josie, love your fabulous garden. I believe pollinating squash is male to female if that helps? 💗

  24. Dear Josie, I just have to comment on your beautiful gardens and your border and your lawn is the most beautiful color green your home and the landscape is something out of a dream. You and Charlie have done a spectacular job. I just love it. I think if I live there I'd never have to leave the grounds and I can't believe your gardens, your vegetable gardens and how beautiful everything looks. I know you work hard to make it that way. You should be proud of yourself because it's breathtaking 🥰

  25. I tried Hello Fresh for a month and cancelled it. I always found that the ingredients were wilting and short dated. The recipes also seemed to be missing something. Try Gousto!

    P.S. I was at a wedding with Gerard Butler 😂

  26. I don’t usually comment though I always watch and love every vlog- today I just have to say, I struggle with insomnia and your lovely cheerful making the most of the day after not sleeping really encouraged and inspired me to relax and enjoy as much of the day as I can which I know makes for better sleep eventually than if you stress about not having slept! 💗

  27. Beautiful vlog! And so refreshing not having products and merchandise chucked at us. Thank you!

  28. Just another lovely vlog!😊I just love escaping for a little bit while enjoying your videos!❤️😌

  29. Love your vlogs so much!!! May I ask where your sunglasses are from??

  30. You inspire me to be better. You don’t pretend to be perfect but you are always working on improving yourself or other aspects of your life. Always putting effort into your life. It’s really beautiful to see. I find it very motivating . You are such a lovely human. 🌺

  31. Your landscape reminds me of where I live in Oregon. Amazing how it looks so similar and clear across the world away!

  32. The Gerald Butler and Dexter story made my day!

  33. Josie, regarding the broad beans, unfortunately, they will go black as if burnt. For years now, I have seen vast fields of broad beans in Surrey and Sussex invaded by this awful fungal disease. The same thing happened to our patch. Sorry, I don't know what it is called.

  34. Josie, your relatability makes viewing the vlogs joyous. Beyond enjoyable content.
    xoxo 🤍👸🏼

  35. We must be kindred spirits, I too have our family dog Archie who is 6 years old today as my screen saver on my mobile phone lol Archie he is 6 years old today ,we are going to have a little family party for him, I know ,he is so adorable ,we got done like a dinner ,he is ment to be a Maltese Shih Tzu hence we payed a lot of money for him ,well he is no Maltese Shih Tzu try Poddle lol love your garden, we have a huge back garden. yours puts mine to shame ,wish I had green fingers jealousy lol its 8.50am here time for shower and getting dressed Hugs from Melbourne xoxo

  36. I'm so happy that you are enjoying your new car 🥰😍🤩 you should be excited it's simply marvelous ✨️

  37. Love and look forward to your vlogs! You have created a mystery for me. Your garden takes my breath away it is so perfect. Yet every time I watch you having a coffee, breakfast alone, or working, you are facing the wall, and not facing out to view your magnificent summer garden, with flowers, bees, green green grass, dogs playing, birds chirping, It is idyllic and summer is short! Enjoy every minute, and sit on the other side of the table to take in the beauty!…except, of corse when you want company to enjoy the view. Much Love!