Thursday , January 28 2021
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Justice Department holds a press conference on Purdue Pharma

The Department of Justice to Hold Press Conference on Global Resolution of Civil and Criminal Liability Matter.

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  1. Wray needs fired , YESTERDAY , corrupt Leftist p.o.s. !!!

  2. these people should all be in jail for life! who kills 500,000 to 1,000,000 people for profit and only gets a fine? OUTRAGEOUS!

  3. Let's be clear, we are talking about human lives lost with the manufacturer knowingly disseminating a pain med that DESTROYED lives domestically and internationally. It is UNCONSCIONABLE that ANYONE would financially benefit at the absolute cost of human life, that is true with opioids as it is with cannabis. The formulated addictive mechanism threaded to the masking of depression which heightens pain receptors is paralleled in opioids & cannabis hybrids, extending to synthetics. The family behind Purdue pharma should be legally constrained from ANY future involvement in the field of pharmacological research.

  4. What does criminal felony charges to Purdue mean??? A dissolved company bounded by ferry cuffs that say we criminal charged an intangible with felony charges that have no relevance. wtf no justice in America significant contributions from stakeholders…. i forgive you for your ignorance… over prescribed opiates leading to heroin addiction by doctors hopefully not understanding the gravity of what they did due to misinformation lol what a joke millions of Americans addicted under now China's fentanyl rampage. The stakeholders should have to be injected with morphine for thirty days and then be cut off.

  5. I have been doing some research on Bitcoins because it's an easy means of making money when you have a good knowledge of the Bitcoin market, can someone please guide me on how I can begin making money on Bitcoins?

  6. Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession.

  7. Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession.

  8. Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people.

  9. What about addicted veterans who had been on pain pills since Vietnam and get cut off? My daughter has a personal horror story about dealing with a strung out vet. She doesn't blame the vet but she squarely blames the VA and the doctors for not helping that man. And so do I.

  10. What happened to personal responsibility?

  11. Yet another smoke screen let's talk about the Seal Team 6 and our ambassador being killed and treason trying to unseat a sitting president and all of the peoples tax money been stolen so Joe Biden could get rich with his meth head son.

  12. I remember the psychiatric office I went to, the drug company representatives who delivered the drugs always brought in pizza/food for the therapists to munch on to keep up a productive "therapeutic" relationship. Ugh.

  13. So the COMPANY was charged with three felony charges. Aren’t the execs – PEOPLE – responsible for criminal action? This is so much crap. There is no justice in the USA when the rich/influential escape prosecution. OUTRAGEOUS!

  14. Who do black people sue for the Crack and heroin epidemic?

  15. Thanks BIDEN and OBAMA!!!

  16. If no one went to prison, this is just another racket of the pharma industry. Criminals pay off and walk free.

  17. Can Fox News please report on Trumps Chinese Bank Accounts & all the money that was mysteriously deposited into them over the last 5 years??? Been waiting all day & you guys haven't said a word about it!!!

  18. Bunch of crooks. Whys he so happy? What a pos

  19. We the People are TIRED of YOU, DOJ doing NOTHING concerning The Corruption of the Biden Family, Hillary, Obama, etc.etc etc.


  21. When does this Justice Dept want to deal with real issues like CCP & Biden. ? Leave the Big Pharma poisons and turn to nature, it has all the cures.
    Justice Dept – remind Barr we have an issue with a running candidate. He’s owned by CCP

  22. Trump and his team has arrested 17K pedos.since taking office..Keep up the good work..4 more years..another 17K

  23. Biden's foreign policy is to sell this country to the countries who paid for their piece of the rock. China, russia, Iran etc. His policy is to sell us out like McCaine and Kerry. If elected that is excately what he and his minions will do. Make no mistake about it. Biden is an Emperor in China and his son kato a prince/

  24. Couldn't have said it better David Cohen, but WHERE are the indictments for Brennan, Comey, Yoda, and a pink slip for Wray, to mention but a few! So very disappointed in Barr!!!

  25. When will people be prosecuted and LOCKED UP 🤔


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