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Justin Langer has another thing coming: Archer

Jofra Archer responds to the Australian coach questions on his resilience given his lack of recent first-class cricket as the World Cup winner prepares to make his Test debut at Lord’s this week


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  1. I thought he killed Sandpaper Smith.

  2. Will England ever field an Englishman in their team again?

  3. Not a good idea to wind characters like archer up….especially when he has the capacity to make batsman switch to a soup through a straw diet

  4. Is England ever going to have a team with Englishman in it.

  5. Too much words coming from a bloke who’s yet to prove himself. Lol so you’re saying Australia can’t wear you out? We’ll see if you can bowl 30-40 overs in one day then. You haven’t even played a test match to brag too much about yourself.

  6. In 8 minutes he goes all eastenders mode then northern and de Caribbean

  7. Excited to see archer vs smith. Heart says i hope archer will get smith but brain says smith defence is to good for any bowler. If aggry hit like. ….
    Both are my favorit……immennce love from India.😍

  8. So basically jofra is going to bowl a bouncer that will bounce and hit langer in his balcony!

  9. Also can someone tell me didn't he just win that world cup with England.. also didn't he bowl at Australian batsman in the world cup semi final when we destroyed you. Oh yeah it's that bowler

  10. Hmmm " his dad his English so tell me again why is he not allowed to play for England??????? Because we was brought up in the Carribbean.???? Regardless of whether you think he's not or his English. He's going to bowl Steve Smith out 😃

  11. such a handsome dude, these dark skinned guns melts my kneeeeeeees

  12. Let the game begin.
    Archer ball vs Steven smith bat.
    Better man wins.

  13. england/world XI so fukn beta

  14. Archer is a laid back guy who just plays his own game.

  15. Smith real challenge for him 😂😂

  16. I played against Jofra 4 years ago a d what a great person he was ….scored a ton and took 5 wickets when bowling spin.

  17. for everyones concern hes half english

  18. Lol is that England importing players again😂😂. 40 years ago they wouldn’t even allow this bloke to rent a house never mind play cricket.

  19. Shocking voice, feel like I'm under attack listening to this bloke

  20. If Archer is really worried about what Langer is saying then half the battle is won.

  21. I am not sure whether archer is really a west indian by birth coz his replies are always exciting

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