Wednesday , May 27 2020
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Justin Trudeau Addresses Brownface Photo: ‘It Was Something Racist To Do’ | NBC News

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to a 2001 photo that surfaced which apparently showed him with a darkened face for a costume party. Trudeau apologized for the incident and acknowledged the action was “racist.”
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Justin Trudeau Addresses Brownface Photo: ‘It Was Something Racist To Do’ | NBC News


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  1. Liberal Party of Canada aka Blackface Party of Canada.

  2. He has no honor or he would resign. His words are meaningless since he is a sociopathic liar.

  3. Could you imagine if they found Trump or Boris in blackface? Everyone would be calling for their heads on a pike

  4. Picturing Trudeau in blackface singing the banana boat song gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Progressive's chickens coming home to roost!

  5. He doesn't get a pass from me he's still racist

  6. He looks Arabian though did he really need blackface lol

  7. the world is officially ridiculous

  8. What's the big deal ??he tried to be Middle Eastern Aladdin. Why it always happen when is time to vote

  9. He's a racist and must resign from office.

  10. Whoa slow down there Justin Trudeau your making us democrat's look bad. Remember its Trumps fault.

  11. This is why I am voting NDP, this will be my very first Federal vote; the NDP is wanting to make new change, better change from what I hear and see.

    The only reason why Trudeau was even voted in, is because of marijuana being legalized, which is honestly moronic. You should not elect someone in because of one thing. I was 17 when he was voted in, and I cannot believe as to why no one wanted the NDP elected in.

  12. Let the black folk hang this clown..or tar and feather,,this A..hole

  13. It’s funny how “whiteface” people are taking this more serious than “brownface”
    I guess the browns are desensitized to this behaviour. Pretty sad .

  14. Like a deer , caught in the headlights of a vehicle , his party & his followers are in complete denial & hypnotized in his hypocritical character !!!!!

  15. Blacks or the other side Will look for Any reason to call Racist and Resign..DONT Feed IT.

  16. Why Apologize?..Why Do you Explain yourself at all? In America We CAN Dress,Say and Dowhat we WANT its Called Freedom..If You Don’tLike it LEAVE.

  17. Keep going Justin, but don't forget to say "sorry". Trust me, the nest guy will be worse than you.

  18. He wouldn't even make a good glory hole attendant

  19. The Left eating themselves…

  20. He is a clown face lier he don't need all this camera talk.

  21. So, according to the logic of the canadian prime minister and all those like him, the masterpiece movie "The Party" should never be broadcast again. Or maybe the descendants of Peter Sellers should apologize, right? All this hypocrisy is state of the art stupidity.

  22. He should apology to be dressed like an undertaker on a plane.

  23. Racism ? You want to see real racism ? Check out the FBI Crime stats for Black on White Crime.
    Staggering racism.

  24. Isn't this all getting a little 'out of hand'. The guy was young, went to 'dressing up parties'…. I don't see this being remotely 'racist'. Glad I'm not in the limelight…. I would be 'sacked' for loving my golliwog toy friend when I was a child.

  25. When a grandmother in Quebec asked Trudeau when the money owed to her province would be repaid, Trudeau answered, you’re racist and there’s no room in Canada for you

  26. Lol i wish i wouldn't have blacked up but i did lol in hindsight i was a racist i meant it was racist and i wish i wasn't a racist but i was lol

  27. Why is the picture shown in B&W like it was taken in 1958? Also, notice how the Media calls it Brown Face instead of Black Face to try and mitigate the damage.

  28. it doesn't surprise me, leftists are the most racist people, when they blame conservatives of being racist it is a projection of their own racism, the only thing that happened on this occasion is that they have been caught

  29. If he did yellow face fu manchu in Chinatown, that would be OK with Canadians. He looks like a good ayatollah PM in headgear.

  30. Trump has done nothing his entire life but try to help black people help themselves. But this guy will get a pass for THIS. Why I can't stand Democrats or hypocritical left wing traitors.

  31. I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing the left cannibalize themselves. even though he did nothing wrong. this doesn't make him a racist, just a hypocrite.

  32. BLESS-ISRAEL / WOW, I just said something useful UNTO SOCIETY /

  33. brownface???????? boy they are spinning this fast. The women will buy it. He'll win the general election

  34. trudy is a pos, who betrayed Canadians

  35. I'm not an expert on blackface. But after analyzing this video from beginning to end, I cannot say anything. Because as I said in the beginning, I'm not an expert.

  36. Was it also "brown face" when he was dressed as a Jamaican black man singing the banana song?

  37. I wish cnn couls report on this

  38. What an embarrassment for Canada!

  39. Don't really care it's all for some drama to stir not buying in to it

  40. Dysney can make a black mermaid and this is wrong?

  41. The Canadian Prime Minister is very talented – he can be racist in English and in French

  42. This is a big nothing burger 🍔

  43. why do progressives always have a racist past? hypocrites

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