Friday , December 4 2020
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Juul CEO stepping down amid vaping epidemic

Juul announces the suspension of all advertising in the U.S. and the resignation of CEO Kevin Burns. FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo with more.

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  1. Big tobacco is working with the truth to push people towards cigarettes because why did they hop on juul immediately for deaths that weren't their fault

  2. Well gotta stock up on juuls and pods before they get banned

  3. What a scumbag company.  This is by design and intention.  Marketing a highly nicotine addictive product to the younger crowd with the full knowledge that they will be killing kids.  How cool….watermelon flavored poison  …. Each Juul cartridge contains more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes.  Hey CEO…I hope your kids, nieces nephews all use JUUL.
    BTW  all clever disguised to look like a thumb drive so it can be easily hidden.

  4. Adults enjoy the good flavors too

  5. NEWS FLASH!!! Putting ANY foreign matter into your body ALWAYS has risks associated with it. Whether you are vaping low-dosage nicotine or vaping so-called pure essential oil blends, it's ALL foreign matter that does NOT belong in your lungs. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!! You are doing this at your own risk. But nothing is EVER a cause for alarm until CERTAIN types of people are mostly negatively impacted, a la vaping and the opioid epidemic and…Tide pod toddler poisoning…😒

  6. Idk vaping has increased my nicotine intake 3x at least. It's not a good thing. Flavors aren't the problem though. Adults apparently aren't allowed to like candy?

  7. Whoa! Wait, what about real cigarettes and other tobacco products and the devastation brought forth against all Americans? Tobacco, gambling and alcohol kills so many and devastated families, Just think why you can't afford to send your kid's to college or even leave them an inheritance… Why does the government want to take guns away from the people, yet, ignore the BIG problems that are pushed against society?

  8. This is what I have a problem with America

    So lemme get this straight.

    Guns are ok
    Smoking cigarettes is ok
    Drinking alcohol is ok

    But Vaping… That's bad. Gotta love America 🤣🤣🤣😭

  9. I don't think most kids know what creme brulee is lmao 😂

  10. And how many thousands have died from cigarettes all around the world yet they are still being sold. I think they are using vaping as a distraction from the real problem and that's cigarettes.

  11. This is a ploy.
    Flavors are used to get away from tobacco flavors to help end smoking cigarettes.
    Young vapors are attacted to flavors just like they are attracted to cereal and candy flavors.
    Young vapors are then subject to 50mg nic exposure from Juul pods and the "high" associated, just like the sugar "high" from cereals and candies.
    The brain becomes addicted with the same receptors to both nicotine and sugar.
    Juul is actively lobbying to end flavors.
    Juul CEO steps down to have big tobacco take place.
    Juul is in the process of addicting young vapors and adult vapors back to tobacco flavors.
    This will now actually be a gateway to tobacco and the health risk associated with 27% of all health related issues from tobacco use.
    Who wins?
    Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Healthcare, Big Govt.

  12. Drug-free for 30 years and loving it.

  13. smh i like how they encourage people to drink whipcream flavored vodka but god forbid you have an e-cigaret that doesn’t smell and taste like urine

  14. Plot twist: Phillip Morris was behind the tainted vape juice.

  15. Wno cares! AOC says we all gonna get died in 12 years anyway. VAPIDEMIC y’all. 🤣

  16. Marlboro – Come back to what you've been longing for!


  18. BANNING IN WRONG WRONG WRONG … Leagalize SALVIA DIVORIAM TINCTURE and self medicating for our Vets !! Banning because of animal behavior while it affects human beings is also wrong.

  19. These companies have NB make billions of Dollars, NOW PEOPLE are getting

  20. Epidemic cancels advertising of baking product's?
    Juul suppose to stop selling product's and not stopping advertising. CEO resigns but who stop's sale's?
    HHS, FDA, SCOTUS, FTC stop sales of baking product's and ban them in USA market. Any sales will be illegal and prosecuted and peisoned for 30yrs and those involved in importing/sales will sued.

  21. Epidemic? Idiotic moral panic in full effect now.

  22. Fake news. Juul is much healthier than cigarettes. I’m 13 but I juul everyday

  23. Cigarettes all over the floors again…… sad

  24. JUUL CEO stepping down has a lot more behind it than this. Watch for CEO’s stepping down and research it.

  25. I laugh every time I see someone vaping and I used to smoke cigarettes…I was an idiot.

  26. There is no "epidemic". Just a push to ban a beneficial product that cuts into tobacco tax revenues. This will just lead to people making their own nicotine liquid and a massive black market… and probably even more deaths from counterfeit goods.

  27. While no one is talking about cigarettes we are about JUUL smh

  28. Despite the potential harm of e-cigarettes, they're safer than tobacco related products and we should be thankful for these things have pulled millions of people away from real cigarettes.

  29. What about the CEOs of Big Tobacco Companies? Are they stepping down as well?

  30. Regulate, don't ban. Bans only help the black market.

  31. Nothing wrong with vaping…our gov. Is just power hungry authoritarian sadists.

  32. No more judge Nap! He needs to go.

  33. STATES MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY YEAR FROM CIGARETTE TOBACCO SELL FROM A GROUP CALL NSA. Which also funds all ban vaping advertisements. The states are now losing money because people are not buying cigarettes. They get no money from vaping. That is why they are trying so hard to ban vapes. They don’t care if it’s a healthier alternative and 95 percent safe. They want you to smoke cigs. Buy cigs so they can make money now then after smoking all them chemicals in cigarettes and get cancer give them more money to try to save your life. Our government is corrupt they all try to steel as much money as they can all the senators makes over 150,000 a year with tons of perks. When are we going to stand up against the corruption???

  34. There is no "Epidemic". They made it up. Remember when the taxes on Cigarettes would pay for healthcare.. Not one dime was used. They spent in it on free stuff.

  35. I got something in the mail yesterday from that company. Suspending all advertising is bs. Right in the can that went.

  36. Big tobacco is killing many more people with their product and the government is getting more tax dollars from it as well…hmmm

  37. Well I guess we should ban fruit flavored alcoholic beverages too. What a joke…

  38. Big Tobacco shareholders have had enough

  39. "Epidemic"? This must be the progressive newspeak definition of the term because what's been happening doesn't qualify as an epidemic under ANY rational definition. Bloody alarmists. I was hoping the Trump administration would be above this kind of crap. Just another disappointment to add to the growing list.

  40. Stop putting foreign matter in your body.

  41. It's all about the TAXES.
    Losing taxes from lack of cigarette sales.
    Missing out on taxes from vapes/juices.
    It's all about the TAXES.

  42. Love Maria, but she needs to get a better legal advisor. Palitano is never right. His credibility is right up there with Juan Williams'.

  43. So stupid. Another case of government over reach. Im bout tired of it.

  44. "epidemic" 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  45. I'm growing tobacco before they ban that too

  46. "epidemic" hahahahahahahah

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