Monday , October 26 2020
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K.T. McFarland slams 'irrelevant' Dems on impeachment

Former Trump deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland discusses Iran’s economic situation and says impeachment will energize voters to cast their vote for the Commander-in-Chief in November. #FoxBusiness

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  1. We don't get to see KT very often.. She is a very intelligent woman….

  2. The next Democrat hoax is already planned out and waiting in the queue. As soon as Trump is acquitted in the Senate it will be "Trump colluded with Turkey", "we have a former White House official willing to testify" "blah blah blah.

  3. Republicans abuse their base with lies and golden showers.

  4. Donald Trump the best President the whole world has ever seen you Dem's are Doomed for LIFE!

  5. i heard adam a lot saying that american people needs fair trial and that the senate needs to grant them all the documents,people for witness,and department of defence and those there. this shows desperation on the Democrats because they have nothing and they went with a desperate act as to clash at the senate and threaten them as i took it in some things they said as to senate to do this or they will be questioned as if they aren't fair God knows we all know about failed fairness from adam and naddlers BS in the hearings They are pissed because they can't dictate the senate and for them to get them to get all those they voted in so they could find something.anything so they can say they have something they should be questioned on what they voted in on the articles they used to impeach and let it ride. the senate isn't gonna cave in and give them something they should already had.

  6. Nasty Pelousy gargles with vinegar. It sweetens her breff.

  7. May hope is every true American will pray for President Trumps safety.

  8. President Trump is out there, doing his job, representing the US. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Meanwhile, the Congress mostly wastes time, $$, & are an embarrassment!

  9. The Demwits were in a big hurry not to do their job, and now they are in a big hurry to have the Senate do it for them. Time for a back of the hand slapdown!

  10. I am going to vote many times for Trump, just like the dems will do for Hillary….oh, yes. She will be the candidate again.

  11. The impeachment exposed the dems not the President!

  12. Any attacks on President Trump will be responded to with a jdam strike

  13. Iranians better realize, you put a bounty on Trump we could take you out anywhere anytime

  14. Trump is the best and true president

  15. we want to see these liars in prison

  16. Trumps legal team are running circles around the Schiff sham "fair due process" and their "overwhelming evidence" that still requires a subpoena from the Senate to order the White House to hand over a list of documents that took more than 20 mins just to read out. This making the Democrats look like a bunch of incompetent imbeciles. "P.S. Wanna see some dirty photos of the President? Well we have to get the Senate to help us out but I know that they are there" Adam Schiff the liar. This is nothing but a timewasting exercise to stop a President who costs the country nothing and brings in spectacular results whilst his opponents who are paid large sums of money – do nothing. We say it all in the mueller investigation when Adam Schiff lied about seeing compelling evidence that the President colluded with the Russians that was NOT included in the Mueller Report because it did not exist.

  17. And those vile DEm.'s say that Trump is causing National security issue's !!

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