Kamala Harris giggles as she attempts to speak Spanish

Rep. Juan Ciscomani, R-Ariz., discusses President Biden’s dwindling support among Hispanic voters and how Republicans are working to win over their support on ‘The Bottom Line.’ #foxbusiness #thebottomline

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  1. No one cared about the VP until it was Kamala, a woman of color. The worst vice presidents in the last 50 years are Republicans: Mike Pence, Dan Quayle and Spiro Agnew

  2. Kamala plays her position as Vice President perfectly. She does not overstep or try to do more than the President. However she been subjected to unrealistic expectations that no other Vice President had to deal with. Before you can be a great leader you have be a great follower. Kamala2028❤

  3. Did she have her i blew willy shirt on or her kneepads?

  4. Dagen's got to go. Kamala too.

  5. No red wave in 2022 mid term election. Democrats did really well in 2023 election. Wake up Trump supporter. All these polls are BS. Trump is going get defeated badly by Biden in 2024

  6. we latinos didn't forget the tacos we are. remember dr, jill crinkles said that. lgb!!!

  7. 🐍🐍🐍🤥🤥🤪👹

  8. Fox news is trash. Greeting from Israel.

  9. Laughing when we’re all crying!!

  10. She's the only hope that low IQ imbeciles have a very good chance in government

  11. Republicans need to push Democrat's HATRED of catholics. See what Hispanics say about that…😊

  12. who are the 38% useful idiots

  13. She is laughing all the way to the bank. Biggest joke is on the American voters.

  14. She always giggles when she’s nervous or lies

  15. Sad thing is that she is CLUELESS that people are laughing AT her, not with her! She's been doing a FANTASTIC, SUPER OUTSTANDING job with nothing. Keep it out and hopefully get voted out soon. Join the unemployment line! The Biden/Harris clown act has got to come to an end! 🙄

  16. Her fake laughter are just "fillers" in a sentence when she has nothing intelligent to say. And trust me, she has been using quite a bit of those fillers! 🙄😱

  17. What a Pendeja ! No latino will listen to her, not PR anyways !

  18. Dumber than a, I say, dumber than a barnyard ginny hen.

  19. She can't speak English let alone Spanish.

  20. I'm not spanish, nor do I know spanish but, I have to give this a try. — Mucho Stupido Harris! Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  21. Mira Kamala! Vete a freir papas,( Look Kamala, Go fry potatoes in a fast food rest) go back to school also,, from begining .

  22. Great show fox and trust millions of American Latin people got the Republicans back real talk

  23. With her teeth sticking out of her piehole every time she laughs or giggles she reminds me of a 2 buck tooth varmint that don't know quite when to laugh so it's just laugh in a way that her teeth stick out even further or don't know when to l aught so insert one here

  24. How hard is it to be A First Class Clown? With Her it’s A Natural. Occurrences. She acts as A Heavy Drunken or Some type of Pills. Everyone of her Appearances, she Seems to Make

    A Dunce’s out of her Self. Biden is Fruit Loops, Harris is Cocoa Puffs. 🥛🤹🏽‍♀️🤹🏼

  25. If she should become president

    The whole world will be laughing.😅😅😂😮😂

  26. Trump 2024 or before!! 🇺🇸. —— MAGA —–Biden and Harris are embarrassing for the United States. No more democrat administrations! We can't afford them on any level.

  27. Fact: Ever since LBJ and box 13, Democrats have been better at cheating.

  28. Drug and alcohol testing fir the whitehouse

  29. Hispanics for Trump 2024 Baby. All the way

  30. Harris laughs because she IS the joke.

  31. Kamala, how can you laugh when there are 85,000 migrant children MISSING!!! THEY ARE UNACCOUNTED FOR!!! 85,000 CHILDREN!!! This administration is disgusting.

  32. She smokes alot of weed its obvious….

  33. faith god and family. Yes, you should pray


  35. GOP and Hispanic…how do those even go together? At least she tries to speak Spanish. If your a woman, if your hispanic, why would you support the GOP? They don't care about your rights.

  36. I almost feel sorry for Harris because she is so clueless!

  37. She isn't a True Black woman.I am white but have many Friends that would make a great Vice president.I want to See Behonce up there