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Kamala Harris: Trump Administration Is Running A 'Campaign Of Terror' | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) talks to Chuck Todd about race, security and health care as she kicks off a bus tour across Iowa.
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Kamala Harris: Trump Administration Is Running A ‘Campaign Of Terror’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. $1000 FREEDOM DIVIDEND!!! ANDREW YANG 2020!! Enough said!!

  2. When will the silly people realize they are Inspiring Americans to Vote for Trump???

  3. For the people bus? 😂😂 stop lying…you are for the wallstreet people. Good luck with your fundraising at the hamptons, miss flip flop. Kamala is a fraud!

  4. She rejected her own people to marry a Jewish man instead.

  5. Kamala is still recovering from that K.O. she got from Tulsi. It's obvious who NBC wants us to vote for. She's not as strong as you are making her out to be. Her track record ended her a long time ago.

  6. Can she talk about any other issues other than race. What are you going to do for all American people Kamala. All I hear about is what she is going to do for illegals and Trump, Trump..Trump.

  7. I'm judging you by your action and what it said about you liar and untrust worthy and you right the america people don't trust you

  8. The rule of law is a reign of terror only to criminals. Was she worried about separating families and crying children when she sent people to jail?

  9. She is the most ridiculous candidate. The dem left are the real terrorists, how they mismanage our cities and foster crime and poverty, how they divide by proclaiming racism at every corner.

  10. Trump says America first, American citizens first. How is that devisive?

  11. How can anyone take this lady serious when she is always laughing, from bad to a clown, is not the way to go.

  12. Fake News! Chuck Todd is nothing but a pole smoker!

  13. Kamala Devil Harris! 6Devil6 It was almost 666! 😁😁😁 Her name is Kamala Devi Harris! I wonder if she shortened the middle name some? 😉 😁😁😁

  14. Thank you so much for posting! Very happy to see Kamala, Pete & Elizabeth running!

  15. The Demented Oracles are Failing….That is why they are scared. We are Coming, We are Absolutely Coming

  16. Can't wait till Gabbard gets back from war to put her in her place again.

  17. She's right about Trump but she's a race baiter.

  18. Says the woman that jail innocent people

  19. Kamala harris spreads her legs for political favors, just ask Willie Brown her mentor. Willie was married at the time.

  20. no one Wants you here Go away …

  21. She's the one to talk! She ran a campaign of mass incarceration on steroids and racially targeted truancy laws that terrorized Black communities. Why does she not own up to the role she played in perpetuating governmental sanctioned terrorism in Black communities? Bye Felicia!

  22. Hey kamala. You need to Google a few things and remember them well. MOLON LABE and III%
    You are a traitor to this great nation and should be treated as such.

  23. Stop being soft Mrs Harris !! Once you put your foot on the tigers neck don't move it !!😡😤

  24. I'll vote for you if you mouthify my wang with them sweet lips. If not I vote Trump

  25. Commiecrats are running a campaign of terror. “ Accuse your enemy of what you are doing, as you are doing it to create confusion.” – Karl Marx.

  26. Kamala Harris is Canadian. Her parents aren't natural born American citizens, and neither is she. She is ineligible to be President of the United States. Why no one is talking about this ??? 🤔🤔🤬🤬

  27. Kamala Toe Harris- 0% chance of ever beating PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  28. Is Russia making everything about race? Or is it the Democrats and the mainstream media doing that?

  29. I love when Kamala gives him the gesture basically saying "stop interrupting me, Chuck and let me explain." Good for her, he talks too much.

  30. Can't Understand Normal Thinking

  31. Kamala can you twerk it for me baby???

  32. Wtf she says we have to speak truth well Kamala can you explain your actions as prosecutor or can you dismiss the facts and get emotional again when someone cough cough Tulsi Gabbard called you on your ways.

  33. Gutless trash, back on the Bus.

  34. "Race is a national security issue" right just like truancy was a state-wide security issue in California. Sure

  35. Pete Buttigieg walks into a bar acting tough and says "I can lick any man in the house"
    Kamala Harris walks into a bar and swallows everything but drinks
    Joe Biden walks into a bar and says "I was VP when bars were invented"
    Bernie Sanders walks into a bar and says "Free Drinks for Everybody.. now who is paying?"
    Andrew Tang and Tulsi Gabbard walk into a bar nobody notices

  36. Kamala Legs up Harris has no right to say anything about anyone

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