Wednesday , April 1 2020
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Kansas-Kansas State Brawl: Steve Lavin & Rob Stone break it down | FOX COLLEGE HOOPS

Toward the end of the Jayhawks vs Wildcats game, a brawl broke out that spilled off the court near fans and officials. There will assuredly be suspensions looming for players involved following the melee.

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Kansas-Kansas State Brawl: Steve Lavin & Rob Stone break it down | FOX COLLEGE HOOPS

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  1. What type of punishment do you anticipate to come out of this brawl?

  2. The thumbnail is the “nail” in the coffin of his collegiate career.

  3. Kansas state broke the code. Games over hold the ball.

  4. They should’ve declared a preemptive “state of emergency”…..That was more violent than the Richmond gun rally.

  5. Is anyone really surprised?

  6. Who are you kidding? I'd love for a fight to break out, especially in the stands. Otherwise, I didn't get my money's worth. Am I the only person who likes this kind of stuff?

  7. Some people settle everything in VIOLENCE !!
    It's a Demon-Cratic Government instilled Trait caused by years of brainwashing of HATE !!!

  8. Its to be expected….just saying

  9. The starter shouldn’t have been in the game that late up 22.

  10. #22 should suspened for rest of year

  11. Everybody wants to be hood. Now face the consequences so kids can learn from it.

  12. Chair dude is lucky somebody took it away from him before he did something really stupid.

  13. these stupid f** we'll have fun when they're about 40 years old eating out of a f**** trash can cuz they're homeless cuz that's all they know how to do is play ball lmfao

  14. I like how the NBA has seen the rise of the UFC and is now entering that market

  15. Athletes are also apart of the entitled elite, they just started a bit earlier than their NBA career took off

  16. That's the handicapped section and some of those people were on the floor. F…… bull…., get rid of the Kansas kid trying to throw a chair, and kicking whoever it was that was down.

  17. Biggest dude on the floor picks up a chair. Come on big man, I am all for supporting teammates but really. Immediate suspension

  18. Bobby Knight would fit right in with these teams.!! Hahaaa! Grab a chair! lol

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