Saturday , September 18 2021
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Kanye West again defends his support of Trump

Urban Revitalization Coalition Chairman Pastor Darrell Scott weighs in on Kanye West’s comments about President Trump.

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  2. Kanye has come a long way since his brutal racist attacks on President Bush. I'm happy for him.God bless Kanye and Kim.

  3. Trump Nation 2020💓Amen Brother🌹

  4. Kanye is not crazy!! He is very intelligent! He thinks for himself and is not a follower! God Bless Kanye and Kim for what they are doing! Prison reform and opening people's minds!

  5. Why don’t all Chinese Americans support yang?

  6. You should never defend a good decision.

  7. 'Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind' -Bob Marley

  8. Imagine what would happen if people were assaulted or censored for wearing an Obama T-Shirt

  9. Kanye… I used to not like him but now he speak the truth and bold . Great job… Kanye.

  10. They're on a mental plantation. They're all brainwashed by the modern public educational system and the socialist liberal publicly funded Universities. Mental Slavery.

  11. I couldn't hear anything he said because they kept bleeping the audio.

  12. How many of the right wing would know who Kanye is unless he promoted Trump? He is using free advertisement imho. He is controversial. He gets a kick out of doing that. I love Kanye, I hate Trump, I respect free speech.

  13. in my great and unmatched wisdom, Kanye is cray cray

  14. kanye had an interview talking about vote n work for obama , how he got paid back , i guess he has enought with democrats their heartless evil politic club.

  15. Kanye has a little bit of light from Heaven.

  16. Kanye literally has mental retardation problems no surprise there

  17. I use to LOVE Taylor Swift with a passion and hated Kanye with a passion. Now I just love Kanye and don’t like Taylor anymore. Sorry not sorry.

  18. Candice Owens and Kanye are liberating thousands and thousands of black folks. Wise up people, nobody "belongs" to the Democrats!

  19. Kanye thinks for himself. Thank god we the people have a right to vote for who they want. Trump 2020

  20. Kayne is a smart man, and knows he will on the right side of history.

  21. He looks like kanye older brother

  22. Flaming liberal Democrats from the left -because he is telling the truth ! America is sick of these immigrants !

  23. Trump supporter and dam proud of it

  24. Shame on u kanye. Only cuz u got money lol

  25. The fact he has to defend it at all shows you the problem. Trump signed prison reform… that act alone is more for the black community then the DNC has ever done. Its funny. The Republicans were founded as the anti slavery party by lincoln. They voted to end it, started the NAACP, Started the NRA so that black people could defend themselves from the democrats who 100% voted (not one voted against) to keep slavery. The DNC also voted not to allow equal voting. I really wish black America would hurry and wake up before its to late. Your voting for the very party that wanted to keep you in chains


  27. Wow was that his brother or am I crazy??? Lollol

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