Sunday , October 24 2021
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Karisma Kapoor's Tips for Weight Loss – Rujuta Diwekar – Indian Food Wisdom

Karisma Kapoor who is well known for her beautiful figure and skin revealed her diet secret. She said how Rujuta allowed her to eat everything she liked. She could eat the Indian snacks like Poha and Upma and also eat rice curry and fish for dinner. She thanked Rujuta for teaching her the right way to lose weight.

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  1. Karishma is looking so beautiful and young.

  2. But everyone can't afford Rujuta 🤔

  3. Inka wait kabhi badi nahin Sakta to ka time ki kya faltu chij

  4. Hii Rujuta…
    What is the right way to connect you?

  5. Both sisters speak with the same style

  6. She was always slim. 🙄😴😒

  7. Ye kb hui thi moti Ainwai

  8. 🖤🖤🖤❤️🖤🖤❤️❤️

  9. करीना समय से पहले बुढा लग रही है

  10. Her face shows her age, its not a weight lose , not at all

  11. Karishma kapoor is very gorgeous actor

  12. I usually invite people to study Quran. Will you?

  13. After 40s look chubbby beautiful

  14. karishma kapoor is beautiful

  15. Kuch zyada skinny ho gai h

  16. Nobody is interested karishma ji get lost all u r awful ppl

  17. We don’t need to be told this , it’s common sense

  18. Apna sukkha chamda dekhi h aine me budhiya lgti h

  19. Karishma still beautiful
    Come back I miss your good acting

  20. Don't believe even a bit what these celebrities promote. They are so insecure that they don't share anything correctly with their fans. She is blessed to be the way she is. Not everyone Eat carbs and lose weight, BULSHIT. I'm a weight loss consultant so I know it well.

  21. Instead of calculating calories, we should focus on how nutritious the food is.

  22. They never tell you right things

  23. Celebrities : I lose weight by eating poha
    Reality : expensive personal trainer 😂

  24. Karishma kapur most beautiful girl in the would 🌷🌷🌷

  25. Ms. Diwakar, now you have made enough noise and money to promote yourself, so kindly use real people, who have used your advise to improve their lives, for propagating your message. Seeing these dumb and one-dimensional celebrities preach anything is not just annoying, but also highly impractical.

  26. I am not so sure about film stars talking about eating healthy…most of them are heavily on drugs…and drugs seem to be doing mostly good things to them.. They are thin,have a flawless complexion and abdolute health…whereas us mortals who don't do drugs ,alcohol or cigarettes seem to be just the opposite..

  27. Is it ok to eat MTR vermicilli ? looks like its made of semolina so just wondering if its a good choice ?

  28. Madame … 😭😭😭 I really wanna eat daal and rice … but I am now on keto just to loose weight pls help me

  29. Karishhma Laporte is more beautiful than kareena

  30. Iski weight loss tip nhi chahiye Baba ye to bahot Kam age mei buddhi dikhne lagi itni dieting bhi not good for facial appearance

  31. Karishma aap to rujata diwaker ki nakal ker rahi ho…

  32. Paisay ka kaml ha bss greeb bnda Kya sochy Kya khay Kya ni gym dite ya wo

  33. Face sculpting, Hifu treatment and lots of dieting and excercise is their secret 😉😁

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