Wednesday , August 10 2022

Katie Britt Celebrates After Defeating Brooks In Alabama GOP Senate Primary

Trump-backed candidate Katie Britt thanks supporters after her projected win over Rep. Mo Brooks in the Alabama Republican Senate primary.

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  1. I'm a nauseous, sick to my stomach 😪

  2. Thank you so much for making me rich.

  3. Love you for kicking those bald heads out of town

  4. Our Christian values are important this country was built on them and for all who come to live here you are welcome respect our beliefs as we do for yours we fight for what our ppl believes in respect what this country was built from that's GOD .in God we trust

  5. Thank you Jesus america 🇺🇸 is coming back

  6. So you replaced one escaped mental patient with another escaped mental patient. Congrats I guess.

    See you in a hundred years when your have repaired the damage these maniacs have done.

  7. I am very happy that all of these Republicans are voting in these primaries. But I'm concerned about what's going to happen when they actually vote for the candidate in November and they steal the election again come on people we got to keep this from happening again. Vote Republican

  8. might as well just show up wearing pointy white robes

  9. They’re both clinically insane so it’s really not much different. Alabama will stay poor and dumb. Nothing will change under these people…

  10. Awful person replaces awful person.

  11. When insane meets loco and has a baby. And that baby goes on to have a kid with batsh t crazy…

  12. Super weird that they thank “god” for their own physical accomplishments. Can I get some thanks too?

  13. Another rino bites the dust.
    Trump is the president, we won the election.
    I know it. You know it.

  14. Another Trump endorsed win…

    Media: Trumps endorsement power under test…

    Everyone… if you let the media hackery tell it and you believe it your gonna be ugly screaming at the Trump's next inauguration again.

  15. How much worse are Republican candidates going to get? Definitely at the bottom of the barrel.

  16. Alabama, where everyone you sleep with is already a family member. 👪 🤣

  17. she's thanks Jesus before Trump?😮 😅

  18. Bama… where u marry ur siblings

  19. As much as I hate Mo, I can't say that this absolutely insane person is likely to be any better.

  20. This country is doomed… 😱 Another trumphole

  21. Omg, is that her husband behind her. He's gigantic.

  22. Glad to see another Christian in government.

  23. Mo Brooks looks on from Under the Bus.

  24. Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt, Republican, said the threats against him became more specific and more graphic after former President Donald Trump tweeted against him following the 2020 election.

    Tell me exactly what policies Biden put in place that caused a supply shortage across the world? And what policies caused prices to rise? Trump's policies caused prices to raise due to his tariffs, car prices pushed up by the semiconductor shortages trump caused, steel tariffs 25%, aluminium 25%, lumber 25%, beer, soda, soup, candy, and pretty much anything that goes in a foil wrap or can, farm machinery, poultry incubators, dairy equipment, medical equipment, new homes, nails and screws, equipment required by oil and gas companies.

    Trump lost two economic trade wars, and had his Steel tariffs backfire causing the price of steel to skyrocket, and the price of steel affects everything. His tariffs on produce also backfired causing the cost of foods like rice to rise dramatically as well, the current inflation is partially 45's doing, we would have had inflation but not this bad. As for the high gas prices you can thank the oil executives like Rex Tillerson price gouging due to Republican deregulation. And Putin. And a global pandemic- which caused most of the inflation around the globe.

  25. tells you how dumb Alabama voters are and how incompetent its candidates are

  26. Absolutely appalling. I can't believe that the orange man is still alive. I can't believe that these people call themselves "Christians" – they need to pay up black people REAL QUICK. There is nothing christian about their behavior. THEY NEED TO DO BETTER. If you are praying, you better pray for God to be kind to you in the after life. HYPOCRITE CHRSTIAN.

  27. I hope God let’s her know she is bed with Satin. I guess she will figure it out in due time.